why-gay-parenting-why-now/ WHY GAY PARENTING, WHY NOW?

Hello and welcome! We’re here to provide clear, no frills, pregnancy and parenting information to prospective and adoptive gay and lesbian parents, in NYC and beyond. Here’s why else we think it’s time for this site:

  1. We’re 9 million strong, and we’re bound to procreate.
  2. Our ranks include Elton John, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Lynch, and Cat Cora, which means gay parents are on our radio, our tv, and our kitchen.
  3. Because these United States aren’t United when it comes to handling the reality of gay families. We’ll help you navigate.
  4. Because there are a lot of places and people that can and want to work for you. We’re here to connect you to them.
  5. Because beautiful, strong, genius kids can come from any type of parents.
  6. Because Brooklyn – and New York City – is a breeding ground – for gay parents and, more importantly, knowledge about being a gay parent. Let’s share.
  7. Because it’s time. And we’re ready.

Welcome to It’s Conceivable, a new gay parenting site for gays and lesbians trying, trekking, and injecting to start a family. If you’re considering becoming a gay parent we’re here to make the process easier. If you’re already a gay parent, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re just browsing and want to share your opinion, that’s okay too.