Cost of Sperm

The price of sperm varies depending on the sperm bank you use, what procedure you are planning to use the sperm for, and whether you would like sperm from an open donor or anonymous donor. Sample sperm costs from a sperm bank include:

Open Donor Sperm

IUI:   $500-$700 per vial

ICI:    $400-$600 per vial

Sperm used in IVF (Also know as A.R.T.) $400-$600 per vial

Anonymous Donor Sperm

IUI: $500-$600 per vial

ICI: $400-$500 per vial

Sperm used in IVF: $300-$400 per vial

Donor Information from Sperm Bank

Many sperm banks offer bonus information about their donors, including childhood photos, audio recordings, “staff impressions,” and even handwriting analysis.

$100 – 300 dollars

Note: See our Sperm Bank Comparison for a sample of prices and extras offered across five popular sperm banks.

Sperm Bank Storage Fees. If you don’t get pregnant on the first try (likely), and you want to keep trying with the same sperm, you’ll need to purchase it in bulk and store it in a controlled environment for later use. Kind of like stocking up on a giant size package of paper towels from Costco…except these paper towels can’t be shoved in the back of your closet and need to be stored in a specially controlled environment.

Sperm storage can cost around $200 for 6 months to up to $2,500 for 10 years.

Note: Many sperm banks will “buy back” unused sperm at a discounted price.

Sperm Bank Delivery Fees: Okay, so once you buy your sperm in bulk and are ready to get started, you’ll need to have your sperm delivered, either to your home or to a clinic. If you’re having the sperm delivered to the clinic, both the bank and the clinic may charge you a delivery fee.

$100-$200 dollars

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