Plexaderm review 2020

Plexaderm review 2020
Plexaderm review 2020

It is worth doing a research before you buy a skin care product based on TVC’s. We recommend you check out popular under eye cream on Amazon before you decide to buy Plexaderm.

Since Plexaderm customer reviews on Amazon doesn’t look good, we thought we would take a look at the other under eye skin care products on Amazon as well. So, we did a research and found these:

Well, you are reading beauty magazines and constantly find articles about an apparently miraculous product. Impressive results from constantly using Plexaderm, a beauty product that promises it can eliminate under eye bags and wrinkles, an effect not permanent.

The truth is everyone gets dark circles or bags under the eyes at some point. During the aging process, we develop the so called ‘Crow’s feet’ due to distinct facial expression and the fact that skin loses elasticity in time. Even though there is no instant cure for this, Plexaderm promises to remove under eye bags and wrinkles in no more than 10 minutes.

What is Plexaderm?

Plexaderm is part of a series of cosmetic products labeled with the name True Earth Health Products.

Jonathan Greenhut is CEO for both this brand and Nutricap Labs and Health Solutions Marketing. Besides his vast experience in the field of Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics, there is almost no information available in regards to his credentials.

Plexaderm before and after

Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream Plus promises to diminish the under-eye bags and wrinkles in a couple of hours. The cream is supposed to be applied after the skin is thoroughly cleaned and dried, while a small amount of cream should be applied. Usually, it is recommended to use an amount that resembles half the size of a pea. While applying it, it is best to tap the skin to massage it, due to the fact that it will boost skin’s response in the area.

Leave Plexaderm to be absorbed for around 10 minutes. If you are using makeup after it, permit it extra 10 minutes to properly set onto the skin. Anyhow, a moisturizer should be applied after 15 minutes to prevent dryness to the area. The manufacturer suggests a blow dryer might aid in accelerating the drying process, if used on the lowest setting

What Plexaderm says it does to your under-eye bags

  • Diminishes the looks of the under-eye bags;
  • Diminishes the Crow’s Feet condition, along with the wrinkles around the eyes
  • Diminishes the looks of smile lines;
  • Diminishes the depth of forehead lines;
  • Suitable for both men and women.

Plexaderm Ingredients

plexaderm ingredients

So, here is a Plexaderm review of its lists of ingredients, along with their effects on skin:

  • Magnesium aluminum silicate or, as it is regularly known, purified clay, absorbs excess sebum and acts as a thickener agent. This ingredient is obtained from purified clay, being the main compound of talc. In cosmetics is used as an opacity agent due to its thickening properties. Medical tests revealed that it can cause only mild irritations as a side effect.
  • Sodium Silicate is the ingredient that balances the PH of cosmetic products. Due to the fact that it is n alkaline, it can lead to irritation or burning. In addition, it is found in adhesive products, yet its main usage is for skin care, hair color, shaving items, bath products or even makeup.
  • Cellulose Gum is employed as a thickening agent in various processed foods.
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide – 8 is a muscle relaxer found in cosmetics that diminishes wrinkles. It’s a synthetically derived peptide found in a wide range of skincare and makeup products due to its water binding properties.
  • Yellow % and Red 40 are coloring factors.
  • Phenoxyethanol is a preservative found in cosmetic products that can lead to allergies. It is extracted from green tea, yet is often designed in a laboratory. Besides being a preservative, it is a great aid in fighting bacteria.
  • Ethylhexylglycerin is a deodorizing agent and may lead to irritation. Ethylhexylglycerin is both a skin conditioning and preservative agent.
  • Other compounds that can be found in Plexaderm are dyes and cellulose gum, meant to act as a thickener in order to create o barrier on the skin.

How does Plexaderm work?

The manufacturer states that the product has silicate minerals in it, obtained from shale clay to set up a temporary tightening barrier on your skin. This has as an effect a visibly tightened skin, along with a diminish in Crow’s feet or wrinkles in the area around the eyes.

Sodium silicate acts as an adhesive resembling the effect you might see if using a tape on your skin. It has a gel form that after it is absorbed into the skin creates a small reduction is size or pulling of the skin.

Hence, when Plexaderm is used for under eye bags and wrinkles, it can lead to a temporary tightening effect, which will make the skin look firmer, along with creating a lifting effect after it is absorbed into the skin.

Note: it is a short-term solution, the effects last for only a limited period of time.

Magnesium aluminum silicate functions closely with sodium silicate, the first compound acting as a filler agent to diminish wrinkles and aid in achieving a plumper look, while the second is responsible for tightening the skin around the wrinkles or under-eye bags.

Mainly, the idea of combining such ingredients in Plexaderm is that it has as a result a firmer, tightened and youthful appearance.

It seems like when the sodium silicate dries it lifts the skin and offers an unwrinkled, smooth look.

In addition, this effect is boosted by the magnesium aluminum silicate, which acts as a plumping and filing agent. This also acts as a barrier on the area on which it is applied.

Plexaderm side effects

As it happens with any kind of cosmetic product, there is a small chance that it will lead to irritations or allergic reactions. The majority of Plexaderm users observed that the cream leaves a white residue, which was not considered to be harmful, but rather inconvenient. Also, some customers revealed that they experienced mild irritation or allergic reactions, for which if it is the case, it is best to stop using Plexaderm.

Plexaderm Clinical Studies

The manufacturer did a clinical study on 40 people, back in 2017, and the results revealed that 75% of the participants experienced a diminishment of the under-eye bags, while 78% noted a decrease in under-eye dark circles. Although it looks promising, let’s take a look at what Amazon reviews say about it.

Plexaderm is rated 2.6 out of 5 stars! 500+ people have reviewed it. There are an awful lot of 1-star reviews from people claiming it doesn’t work. Even though most of the reviews are true, there are also some cases in which people just didn’t follow the regime or tried once or twice, didn’t see any result and posted a negative review.

Despite the negative reviews, there are 5-star reviews as well claiming Plexaderm did wonders for them. However, a rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars simply indicates you can’t trust Plexaderm like the way you would trust a product that has got a 4.2 rating. So many people can’t go wrong, right?

We recommend you take a closer look at the Plexaderm reviews on Amazon and decide yourself.

See what I mean?

What are the risks?

There’s always a risk of allergic reaction with any new skin care products. Always test before you start with the application.

Money Back Guarantee and Return Policy

Plexaderm has a 30 days risk-free money back policy, which signifies that if you do not observe any improvement after using the cream, you can ask for full refund.


  • Diminishes wrinkles or puffiness for a short period of time
  • Money back policy within 30 days


  • Temporary effect, it disappears shortly after you wash your face
  • Poor release system, syringe tends to clog
  • Makeup or other cosmetic products might impact its effects
  • Can lead to irritation
  • No scientific studies to support its beneficial effects

Where to purchase Plexaderm?

You won’t be able to buy Plexaderm in stores. Plexaderm eye cream is usually promoted on television and is usually sold via the manufacturer’s website or platforms like Amazon or eBay. We recommend buying from Amazon.

Anyhow, make sure you always check whether or not a seller is an authorized distributor, before opting for buying a cosmetic product from a third-party site.

How much does Plexaderm cost?

Due to the fact that the price differs, it is best to check the current price at Amazon.

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