Lipozene Review: Is it effective as a dietary supplement for weight loss?

Lipozene Review: Is it effective as a dietary supplement for weight loss?
Lipozene Review: Is it effective as a dietary supplement for weight loss?

Well, several customer reviews about Lipozene reveal that it is an effective dietary supplement that allows you to lose weight without the need of enrolling in a strict diet plan or workout routine. Lipozene reviews show that customers cherish deeply its beneficial effects and, if it were to take their statements into account, Lipozene is great for weight loss.

Lipozene has been around for well over a decade now, gaining its status as the best weight loss supplement. The main advantage of this pill comes from its composition, as the manufacturer states it contains only one active ingredient called glucomannan. Extracted from the konjac plant, this active compound found in Lipozene has the ability of absorbing water, which in the end will offer several beneficial effects to the overall health of those who use this supplement.

Read on our Lipozene review to find out the actual truth behind this miracle supplement, including customer reviews, scientific reviews and if it is recommended to be included in a dietary regimen or not.

What is Lipozene?

As mentioned above, Lipozene is a dietary supplement recommended for those that seek to lose weight, having as its core ingredient a dissolvable fiber named glucomannan.

Being the only active compound in Lipozene, glucomannan is a plant extract obtained from the konjac plant or elephant yam. Its main property is that it retains water and it can even transform a cup of water into a gel substance.

Hence, it is usually found in processed foods as it works greatly as a thickening agent, being regularly found in shirataki noodles. But besides this water-absorbing effect, glucomannan has several beneficial effects on health, including weight loss, acting as a constipation aid or balancing cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

The manufacturer of Lipozene states that this compound offers all the beneficial effects mentioned and it can actually boost the quality of life of the individual. Of course, besides the core ingredient, this pill is packed with gelatin, magnesium silicate and stearic acid. Though these are not known for their weight loss properties, they prevent the supplement from becoming clotted.

Lipozene as a weight loss dietary supplement

In theory, as it was seen in distinct researches, those that ingest greater amounts of dietary fibers are prone to losing weight. But the cause for this was never scientifically identified, as there are various ways in which the said fibers can interact with the processes of your body and ultimately promote weight loss.

Anyhow, let’s see how the core ingredient in Lipozene, glucomannan, can lead to weight loss:

  • Due to the fact that it retains water and dilates inside the stomach, it can diminish the pace with which your body processes foods, leading to an extended period of time in which you will feel satiated
  • This weight loss dietary supplement is characterized by low caloric indexes, which simply means you will feel satiated for a longer period of time without excessive calories included in your diet
  • It is said that this compound has the ability to diminish the absorption of several nutrients, such as protein or fat, signifying that the calories you will get from your meals will be fewer when the supplement is ingested.
  • Some state that glucomannan has an impact on weight due to the fact that it boosts good bacteria found in gut. Hence, the healthier your gut is, the lesser you will be susceptible for weight gain

Anyhow, several other dissolvable fibers can have similar beneficial effects and lead to weight loss. Yet the extremely-absorbent features of glucomannan might lead to the appearance of a gel substance, which might promote a prolonged feeling of satiety.

Is it really a dietary supplement that aids in weight loss?

Lipozene Weightloss

Researches focused on glucomannan’s effects on the body, the active ingredient of Lipozene is great for weight loss. Some of those studies had a couple of positive results.

A research done on 176 people during the course of 5 weeks allocated in an aleatory way a 1,200-calorie meal plan, along with a fiber supplement such as glucomannan or a placebo pill.

The result showed that the group that took the dietary supplement regularly noticed a weight loss of up to 3.7 pounds/ 1.7 kg, more than the placebo group.

In addition, a recent analysis of glucomannan showed that it might have the targeted beneficial effect, as it was proved it can temporary diminish weight in those that suffer from weight problems, including obese people.

But there are a multitude of other studies that state these weight loss effects on the body obtained with the aid of fibers supplements tend to vanish after only six months. Specialists say that long-lasting result can be achieved only if a calorie-balanced meal plan is adopted.

Simply said, if you aim for long term weight loss result, you will have to mix the intake of supplements with a properly balanced meal plan.

Additional Health Benefits of Lipozene

Besides the weight loss aspect, fibers can lead to various health benefits, meaning you can experience several beneficial effects on your overall health by ingesting Lipozene. These include the following:

  • Glucomannan was proved to be a great aid in constipation, if 1 gram is ingested three times per day
  • It can balance or diminish high levels of blood pressure, blood fats or blood sugar, all of which can increase the risk of developing heart problems or diabetes.
  • As we already said, glucomannan is a compound that acts as a prebiotic, meaning it feeds good bacteria normally found in the gut. Short-term effects are related to promoting beneficial fatty acids and diminishing the risk of developing various health problems

Advantages & Disadvantages of taking Lipozene Review

Keep in mind that Lipozene can offer distinct benefits as depicted above, yet it might have some side effects, too. Of course, these beneficial effects are closely linked to the core ingredient known as glucomannan, while scientific studies to support this information is not available at the moment. Mainly, Lipozene pills or other glucomannan rich tablets can lead to the said results with the possibility of some side effects.

#1 Helps with constipation

It is highly plausible that glucomannan, the same amount encountered in Lipozene, can aid in dealing with constipation. A couple of researches revealed that it promotes bowel health and movements, leading to setting free resistant waste.

What is even more interesting, is that it looks like this compound that have the same effect in both children and adults, although we do not encourage you to offer Lipozene supplements to kids (or even adults, to say so).

#2 Lowers the risk of developing heart diseases

A couple of studies showed that glucomannan might have the potential of influencing in a positive manner the heart problems risk factors. One particular research suggested that taking supplements rich in glucomannan diminished the levels of LDL cholesterol, along with the number of triglycerides found in the body.

Other study focused on glucomannan and gut health, indicating it might regulate the metabolic syndrome triggers.

All of these effects might be linked to the fact that glucomannan might boost an antioxidant normally found in our bodies, named glutathione peroxidase. This compound is responsible for offering protection against oxidative damage generated by free radicals. Also, it supports heart’s health and lowers the risk of developing cancer or other serious disease.

#3 Improving symptoms related to diabetes

A thoroughly researched characteristic of glucomannan is the potential of bettering symptoms related to diabetes, along with its risk factors. Besides diminishing LDL cholesterol and triglycerides levels, this ingredient was proved to be great for managing blood sugar levels, as several studies concluded.

It is a common consensus that glucomannan has the potential of dealing with mild to moderate diabetes symptoms, whilst some say it can even improve the overall health of high-risk diabetes patients.

#4 Weight loss

The mentioned research revealed that glucomannan, in the exact amount found in Lipozene, can impact someone’s weight and promote weight loss. This can happen because of the following aspects.

First of all, Lipozene boosts satiety, the common state in which you are no longer hungry, without ingesting as much food as you will usually do. As said above, this might not be the recommended manner to achieve weight loss due to the fact that it is not based on adopting a healthy meal plan, but rather eating as little as possible.

The second weight loss aspect we can mention from some scientific results, is related to the fact that glucomannan can encourage fat or protein to go through the digestive system, without being correctly processed by our stomach. Simply put, if you have a meal of around 1,000 calories, you are prone to skip the absorption process of both protein and fat, achieving only 700 of the said calories.

We can’t stress enough the fact that there are available bettered, lasting weight loss plans that focus on getting the correct amounts of vitamins and nutrients, your body needs to be healthy and get in shape.

Side effects of Lipozene

#1 Constipation

Well, that is a correct information, as glucomannan can be beneficial when it comes to constipation relief, yet several customers reviewed it as having the opposite effect. Some reviews show that after one month of taking Lipozene supplements, severe constipation occurred leading to anal fissures.

Even though this is not a widespread side effect, it is worth taking into account before opting for such supplements, as it is a severe reaction that can harm your wellbeing.

#2 Diarrhea

Following next, the opposite effect of constipation, diarrhea, can happen when too much fiber is ingested and the body is determined to eliminate it with the aid of water. This has as a result severe or painful diarrhea.

If you search online for Lipozene reviews, you can easily observe that several customers noted that a common side effect of Lipozene is diarrhea, that was so extreme, it prevented them from undergoing their daily chores.

#3 Choking

It was noted that ingesting glucomannan dietary supplements such as Lipozene can lead to choking. This might happen due to the fact that the fiber reacts to the liquid in the throat leading to its expansion.

The medicine leaflet for Lipozene recommends taking the supplement with plenty of water, as it will aid in the fiber absorption process that happens in the stomach. This will diminish your appetite and will properly hydrate your body, allowing the pills to get in your stomach prior to expanding.

#4 Abdominal pain and aches

A documented side effect for Lipozene is abdominal issues that can range from excessive flatulence to intestinal obstruction due to the expanding properties of the fiber.

#5 Dizziness

Some evidence drawn from customer reviews suggest that ingesting Lipozene can lead to vertigo as soon as the Lipozene regime is adopted. It is true that no scientific studies are available to support this theory, yet it might be a side effect caused by improper absorption of nutrients and vitamins.

#6 Harmful weight loss

Besides all those side effects mentioned above, the real issue with Lipozene is the manner in which weight loss is achieved. Some customers suggested that Lipozene aided them in living several days without ingesting any kind of food.

Starving is for sure a harmful weight loss approach. It is true you will lose some weight, but at the same time your health will be at risk. Losing weight by avoiding eating is not recommended, as it can increase the risk of developing serious health problems.


Various researches reveal that the main ingredient in Lipozene, glucomannan, can aid in weight loss. Anyhow, there are other products on the market that have glucomannan in their composition and can offer similar results. Many of these are available on Amazon, where you can also read the reviews.

So, check them out as well before you decide which supplement you want to take.

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