Each month, the LGBT Center in Manhattan offers a variety of classes, discussions, and group talks through Center Families for gay, lesbian, and queer couples and singles just starting out to those already firmly in Parenthood. Check out the list below to see if there is a group that fits your needs. Contact the folks at the Center for more info – they are super nice and helpful, and have tons of great resources!


Meets: 1st Thursday of every month.

Next Meeting: Thursday January 5th, 2012, 7-9pm.

About: This drop in group is for LGBTQ people exploring the possibilities of becoming parents through foster care or adoption. The Wannabe Dads & Moms will be welcoming our resident Legal Expert and host of the monthly Family Law Clinic, adoption attorney Cliff Greenberg and his associate Evita Nancy Torre. Cliff and Evita will be speaking on second-parent adoption, same-sex adoption, private adoption, foster care adoption, and co-parenting arrangements. Questions welcome! $5 suggested household donation.


Meets: 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Next Meeting: Wednesday January 11th, 2012 , 6:30-8pm.

About: This drop in group is for lesbian women & gay men interested in making babies together and raising them cooperatively. Cliff Greenberg & Evita Nancy Torre will be joining the group to discuss co-parenting agreements, 2nd parent adoption, and what happens when parental rights are surrendered. $5 suggested household donation.


Meets: 2nd & 4th Thursday of every month.

Next Meeting: Thursday January 12th, 2012, 6:30-8pm; Thursday January 26th, 2012, 6:30-8pm.

About: For women considering, preparing for, or currently in the process of conceiving through alternative insemination, please drop by this bi-monthly gathering to share your story, seek support, and exchange information with others who are also taking this exciting journey to parenthood. $5 suggested household donation.

Note: Center Families is looking forward to welcoming Cori & Stacey from Clementine Midwifery to Planning Biological Parenthood for Women on January 12th. They are a dynamic duo who will share their professional wisdom on fertility, pregnancy, birth. Stacey J. Rees, CNM, MA is a graduate of Barnard College, Princeton University, Columbia University School of Nursing, and the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing. She has been a midwife since 2001. Cori Pleune is so happy to be helping Stacey out in the Clementine office and at homebirths! She is a co-founder of Dos Doulas and is a DONA Certified Birth Doula, certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator, and trained Postpartum Doula. She has attended midwifery assistant trainings at The Farm in Tennessee and with Stacey Rees in Brooklyn. She is certified with the American Red Cross in adult/child/infant CPR, and has completed workshops to help women breastfeed successfully.


Meets: 3rd Thursday of every month.

Next Meeting: Thursday January 19th, 2012, 6:30-pm.

About: A support and networking group for pregnant parents-to-be wanting to connect and share their experiences and resources with others. $5 suggested household donation.

Note: The Pregnancy Support & Networking Group will be hosting an evening with lactation consultant Ayelet Kaznelson, CLC, IBCLC. Ayelet is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and a Certified Lactation Counselor. Born in Israel, she moved to New York City in 1989. After the birth of her daughter in 1999, Ayelet started training to become a lactation consultant at Elizabeth Seton Childbearing Center. When the Center closed in 2003, she was invited by her mentors to co-found a private practice, The Manhattan Lactation Group, and was also asked by Erica Lyon to join the original staff at Realbirth, New York City’s first comprehensive childbirth education and postpartum center. She received her Lactation Counseling Certification in 2002, and after the birth of her son in 2004, Ayelet passed the International Board Certification exam.


Meets: 4th Sunday of every month.

Next Meeting: Sunday January 22nd, 2012, 12:30-2pm.

About: The group provides a space for transgender and genderqueer parents, prospective parents, and their partners to meet, exchange information, share their stories and offer and receive support. $5 suggested household donation.


Meets: 4th Wednesday of every month.

Next Meeting: Wednesday January 25th, 2012, 12:30-2pm.

About: For men considering, preparing for, or in the process of conceiving through surrogacy (or in cooperation with a woman), this group provides information, sharing, and support. $5 suggested household donation.


Next Session: Monday January 23rd, 2012, 7-9pm. By Appointment Only.

About: The Family Law Clinic provides the LGBTQ community an opportunity to have questions answered and concerns addressed by Center Families resident legal expert, Cliff Greenberg and his associate, Evita Nancy Torre. Cliff has experience completing countless public and private LGBTQ adoptions, as well as 2nd parents adoptions, and has more than 20 years experience on family law. To make an appointment, please email centerfamilies@gaycenter.org.