The last couple of months have brought a barrage of controversy over clothing – specifically catalog shots that feature same sex couples in the clothing of big box retailers like Target, GAP, J Crew, Urban Outfitters, and, the evilest, most Ellen-loving culprit of all, JCP.

Now, when I say controversy, I mostly mean media storm, since the primary protester in all of these cases is a conservative group called One Million Moms, and it seems like their power lies more in their trumped up rhetoric and overblown name than any action they actually inspire in moms across the country. Personally, I don’t think the group is actually made up of one million moms. I think it could be just a few hundred, or maybe even just one repressed Mom, typing angry letters in her basement by the light of a single bulb.

Nevertheless, it has reached a point where every week one retailer or another is pissing “them” (her) off, creating a flurry of articles and passing the “offensive” same sex couple ad around the Internet faster than an LOLCat under a double rainbow.

So today, in celebration of Pride month, I’m gathering all of the same sex ads together in one big gay clothing ad and thumbing my nose at the moms and their brethren. Enjoy!

Last year, J Crew started the first unintentional frenzy by running an innocent photo in their catalog featuring their president and creative director (and soon-to-be-lesbian) Jenna Lyons painting her son’s toenails pink. Among other things, the image was accused of encouraging transgender behavior and potentially “throwing our species into psychological turmoil” by Fox News Commentator (and Dr. Evil doppelganger) Dr. Keith Ablow.

At the beginning of 2012, controversy was cast anew when Ellen was announced as JC Penney’s new spokeswoman and One Million Moms started a boycott of the store. JCP, however, not only stuck by Ellen, they started cranking out even MORE ads featuring same sex couples, including ads for Father’s and Mother’s Day featuring same sex couples. I have to say, these actions make me 100% more likely to step into a JC Penney and consider their wares.

A couple of months ago, 1MM got upset AGAIN when flip flopper retailer Urban Outfitters featured two women kissing in their catalog. This particular image was a lot less heartwarming for me than JCP, for a couple of reasons. One, these girls couldn’t look less interested in each other and it’s clear Urban just wanted to stir up some attention. And two, Urban Outfitters has donated to anti-gay politicians in the past and are now selling these “ironic” Mitt Romney shirts. But still, I suppose, it’s a gay ad. So yay!

GAP jumped on the same sex ad boat in a big way this year as well, featuring this ad of a gay couple and the tagline, “Be One” in a giant billboard in L.A. That ol’ battleaxe One Million Moms quickly added GAP to their list of offenders. We quickly celebrated.

Last but not least! The latest controversy is over these Pride T-Shirts (designed by Gwen Stefani) that Target is selling this month to benefit the Family Equality Council. You can bet One Million Moms is going crazy with boycott fever over this one. I, for one, hope the next chain to stir up the pot is the bastion of red state retail worship itself, Walmart.

Of course, if none of these retailers strike your fancy, HRC has always offered some great clothing options that look good and do good, too. Happy Pride!