One of the reasons we started It’s Conceivable was to provide a place to collect the wisdom of the gay parents that have gone before us, starting with the resources in our backyard – Brooklyn and New York City. As we spoke with other gay and lesbian parents here about where they looked for information when they were starting out, we realized everyone was going through the same laborious seek-and-find process – sifting through message board listings, calling up other gay families, or attending meetings at the gay and lesbian center and asking the group for word of mouth recommendations. While those are still excellent resources that we highly recommend, we thought we would save you some time (and typing) and collect everything we could find for you here.

Please note: We’ve culled our NYC gay parenting resources from online queer parenting lists, recommendations, and other sources, but we cannot guarantee that you will have a positive experience or that you will have the same experience as the person recommending the source. That said, we’re constantly looking to add value to our resource lists so if you’ve had an experience (positive or negative) with a person or place listed here, we encourage you to send us a note so we can offer everyone the best, most up-to-date list of NYC gay parenting resources available.

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