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Crepe Erase Reviews: Does It Really Work?
Crepe Erase Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Admit it! We all have seen those TV commercials that claim new miraculous beauty product that are doing wonders into preventing age marks with before and after images.

One such ad is for Crepe Erase, which promises unearthly results. This beauty cream is promoted by celebrities like Jane Seymour and Courtney Thorne-Smith and it pledges it will transform your skin by making it smoother, firmer and hydrated.

So, you might wonder what is Crepe Erase, which is why we should first reveal what the syntagma ‘creepy skin’ refers to.

What is creepy skin?

Even though you might tend to link creepy skin to wrinkles, in reality those two are not the same. Creepy skin refers to the crepe paper, which is extremely dry, a phenomenon we can observe on our skin, too.

Creepy skin can appear on the arms, chest, knees and back of hands, areas where the skin is saggy or most fragile. Scientifically, it is considered to be a bodily process that leads to thinning of the dermis and epidermis. Anyone can experience creepy skin, yet it is most common amongst those with fair skin.

Reasons of creepy skin

Sun damage is among the leading causes of this condition due to the fact that solar ray breaks down the elastin in the skin.

Elastin is responsible for skin’s ability to stay strong and look firm. As we age, both elastin and collagen production decrease, leading to more prominent creases on the skin and a saggy appearance. The damage is cumulative and evolves over several months.

What is Crépe Erase?

Crepe Erase is a body cream that pledges it can diminish the signs of creepy skin. The commercials aired by the manufacturer reveal intriguing before and after results, where damaged skin looking as creased as possible, becomes smooth and soft.

As the manufacturer states, this cream is perfect for under chin usage, which is why it can be effective anywhere on the body where creepy skin appears, including arms, thighs or knees.

How does it work?

This beauty cream is the first step in the overall process. The manufacturer sells two skincare systems – a standard two-piece regimen and a five-piece kit meant to exfoliate the skin which prepares the skin for the treatment.

Simply put, it is a two-way approach in fighting creepy skin – exfoliation removes dead skin cells, open pores and makes the skin smoother, while the cream offers intense hydration at a cellular level.

TruFirm is the main ingredient in Crepe Erase, which is said to be a mixture of plant extracted obtained from apple, dill and sage.

Crepe Erase prides itself in the commercial that it can aid the skin by “targeting the dermal enzymes that break down collagen and helps promote healthy elastin, so that skin looks smoother and softer.”

Other Crépe Erase creams

The brand that released on the market Crepe Erase sells the statement product labeled as Crepe Erase Advanced Body Treatment, complemented by several other beauty products. Let’s take a closer look.

Crepe Erase Reviews

Use the skin exfoliator in the shower or bath for the body Smoothing Pre-Treatment when the skin is moist. It is rich in TruFirm complex that contains alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids.

These are naturally derived from plants as well as foods. Also, this product features a great amount of salicylic acid obtained from willowbark. This mixture dissolves dead skin cells leading to a smoother skin and a better texture.

The other Crepe Erase products are designed to deal with specific body areas, like the anti-aging treatment for hand repair. This cream is rich in TruFirm Complex, too, yet it comes with several other ingredients including shea butter and squalene, an oil obtained from olives, rice bran or sugar cane.

Other compounds found in this product are dimethicone (a silicone), dill oil extract and coconut alkanes, obtained from coconut oil.

The Overnight Facial Plumping Treatment is an in-depth hydrating cream with a blend of TruFirm, echinacea and a multitude of moisturizers like shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil and dill extract.

The Flaw Fix Eye Cream can be used twice a day, being great for softening the look of fine lines and Crow’s feet around your eye area. It diminishes the under-eye puffiness due to the high content of apple and dill extract and dimethicone.

The Four in One Eye Renewal Capsules are filled with serum ampules that can be used around the eye area daily.

Apply only once per day. The serum is designed for dealing with fine lines or Crow’s Feet, being effective due to the grape oil extract and capric triglycerides, obtained from coconut oil and glycerin.

Crépe Erase ingredients

The manufacturer did not list the active ingredients on website of the brand. A thorough and accurate list of each ingredient found in their products. The ingredients are mentioned, yet there is no detailed information.

The products have one main ingredient, except the 4 in 1 Eye Renewal Serum. Trufirm is a patented ingredient, being a blend of:

  • Apple extract – an antioxidant that can aid in preventing skin damage caused by sun exposure. Anyhow, a scientific study revealed the fact that there is not enough research that can support the beneficial effects of antioxidants on the skin
  • Dill extract – is commonly known as an adjuvant in skin elasticity
  • Sage – also an antioxidant, aids in preventing damage from free radicals

Even though there might be some scientific evidence that these ingredients can aid in maintaining skin elasticity, there is no actual proof that this specific formula functions in such manner.

Other ingredients featured include:

  • Coconut oil – great for properly hydrating skin
  • Shea butter – a fat obtained from Shea nuts, being rich in Vitamin C and functioning as an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Cocoa Butter – a fat obtained from cocoa bean, being a natural moisturizer
  • Olive oil – an antioxidant that can aid skin after sun exposure
  • Beeswax – that acts as a conditioning agent
  • Vitamin E – that can boost skin’s elasticity and features anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties
  • Olive Fruit Extract – that acts as a skin conditioning agent
  • Cotton Thistle Extract – featured only in the body lotion, great for dealing with sun damage and hydrating skin

Other ingredients worth noting are:

  • Hyaluronic Acid – which is blended in the Eye Renewal Capsule. Hyaluronic Acid is commonly found in anti-aging beauty products, as it can improve collagen and elasticity, while diminishing the appearance of wrinkles
  • Lactic Acid blended in the Exfoliating Body Polish, which smooths skin and diminishes wrinkles

Crépe Erase Price

Crepe Erase Range is sold as a kit on the company’s website, yet they are sold individually on Amazon, too.

The Advanced 2 Step Essentials Kit comes with the Body Smoothing Treatment and Crepe Erase Advanced Body Treatment. It is best to check the exact current price directly on Amazon.

Also, verify the price of the Five Piece System on Amazon, which comes with all the products, including The Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment, Anti-Aging Hand Repair Treatment, the Overnight Facial Plumping Treatment and The Flaw Fix Eye Cream.

Does Crépe Erase work?

Crepe Erase prides itself as it is considered to be the number one anti-aging body treatment system for dry or creepy skin, as noted in several Crepe Erase reviews for 2019.

The company affirms that it is “clinically shown to improve the look of dry, creepy skin on the body.“

crepe erase before and after

The Crépe Erase website lists statistics from “a 54-person evaluation by an expert clinical grader measuring décolleté, knees, and arms”, with a result that revealed the fact that up to 80% of women observed immediate reduction in the appearance of creepy skin.

While up to 86% of women noted a shift in skin tone on the body in no more than 4 weeks and 91% admitted they benefited from a lifted appearance after 8 weeks of treatment.

Of course, the brand refers to its celebrities’ crepe erase reviews, too. Actress Jane Seymour states that “Ever since I have used Crépe Erase, I just have so much more confidence in my body and certainly in my skin. I am really embracing 67. You can be fearless in your 60s.”

In addition, Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill aged 62 admitted that “The new Crépe Erase is so luxurious, and it absorbs even faster, and my skin stays hydrated even longer …it really works and that’s why I use it every day, all day long.”

Crepe erase customer reviews on Amazon for Crepe Erase Advanced Body System rate the product with 3.5 stars. Up to 40% of customers provided a 5-star feedback, similar to: “Crêpe Erase is probably the best skin-care line I have ever come across — and I’ve pretty much tried them all.” Or “This product is amazing.

I had some severe sun damage and had deep wrinkles on my upper chest. This product has smoothed out the wrinkles. Will buy it again!!!”

Unsatisfied customers said that the product is not as effective as promised, while 20% of customers left only a 1-star review: “I’ve been using it for over three months and see no difference. The product is greasy and leaves residue on clothing too. I would not recommend it…”

You can find all Crepe Erase products on Amazon, each featuring a 3-4-star rating. The Exfoliating Body Polish has a 4-star rating accordingly to 90+ reviews.

In addition, Allure magazine reviewed Crepe Erase back in 2015, when several staff members tested the body cream.

They all agreed it is a deeply hydrating product, yet sometimes it has the tendency of leaving the skin greasy. Some said that it was perfect for cuticles, yet one reviewer complained about clothes sticking to her body at night.

To conclude, Crepe Erase represents an in-depth hydrating cream, that can aid when dealing with severely damaged skin.

Also, it might aid in extremely dehydrated skin, making it smoother due to the high content of rich oils.

Where can I buy Crepe Erase?

This range of Crepe Erase beauty products are available on Amazon. We recommended you to read customers crepe erase reviews before purchasing it.

Crepe Erase Return Policy

The product comes with a 60-day money back policy.

Crepe Erase Pros & Cons

Pros: it can hydrate skin and it features a 60-day money back policy.

Cons: it is a rather expensive beauty product. Crepe Erase is not backed up by scientific evidence. Also, auto-shipment or pricing might be confusing, while customer service is substandard.

Crepe Erase Review: Final Words

So, our Crepe Erase Review for 2019 is that we might not recommend it to a friend, as you can easily see that customer reviews are mostly negative.

Scientific studies are not available to support the beneficial effects of this product.

As mentioned above, customer service is substandard, being criticized by almost all customers.

Beside the product’s ineffectiveness, the fact that auto shipment cannot be stopped until after your order, is a major drawback because you will have to reach customer support, which users noted it is rather difficult.

Although Crepe Erase seemed to be effective for some people. There are various affordable moisturizers worth trying, while a professional body treatment might be more effective for the skin.

We have laid out the facts about Crepe Erase. Let us know what do you think by commenting below.

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