Cost of At-Home Insemination

At-home insemination can be relatively inexpensive, and most of your supplies can be purchased online, with the exception of the cervical cap with tube, which you can purchase through a doctor, and which is typically performed in a clinic or doctor’s office.

  • Needleless Syringe: around $2
  • Sperm (see cost of sperm from a sperm bank )
  • Sperm delivery (see cost of sperm from a sperm bank)
  • Sperm Collection Cup: around $3
  • Soft Cup: $1 – $3 each
  • Fertility Monitor (digital daily): around $150
  • Ovulation Test Kits: $2-5 each (one-time use)
  • Pregnancy Test Kits: $12-15 for pack of 3
  • Basal Body Temperature Thermometer: around $10
  • Cervical Cap with Tube (Oligiosperma Cup from Milex): Purchased through Doctor

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