The Birth Story of a Non-Bio Mom

My wife is getting ready to leave the house to enjoy an evening of socializing for the first time since our daughters were born. Being out of the

Oprah Talks to Neil Patrick Harris About Gay Parenting, Other Stuff

So I haven't seen Oprah's new network - pretty much at all - as we also haven't had cable for the past 2 years (we stream all

Surviving Gestational Diabetes: The Doughnut Diaries

We have terrible eating habits. I blame myself because I tend to work late and I dislike grocery shopping. My wife used to take on these responsibilities but

Keep Calm and Carry On: Unexpected Challenges WILL Occur

It’s been one of those weeks where the Universe wants to remind me that I can’t control every aspect of my life. With an emergency hospital visit, multiple

Jerry and Drew

Jerry and Drew conceived twins in California through a surrogate and known egg donor. Here's their story. First Name: Jerry Partner's First Name: Drew Age: 40 Hometown/City: Matawan, NJ Number of Children: 2 Names of

What To Expect When You’re a Lesbian Mom Expecting

When I started writing at It’s Conceivable just a few months ago, I thought the title of my feature, “Surviving My Wife’s Pregnancy,” would aptly articulate

Lesbian Parenting Priorities: Rock & Roll to Rockabye

This week I went to my first rock show in ages. My wife called it “guys night out” because I left her at home and went with our

City Select Double Stroller with a Side of Options

I love the City Select Double Stroller.   OK, love might be too strong a word.  It is however a very versatile, light-weight (for it’s class) and durable stroller

Notes From a Gay Mom: We All Have Fears

Two of my biggest fears leading up to us deciding to have kids were: 1)   Will my family truly understand and see Andrea as my wife / mother of

Karen and Janice

Karen and Janice are lesbian parents of five living in Salt Lake City. They biologically conceived after a long journey of TTC. First Name: Karen Partner's First Name: Janice Age:

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