Sarah and Pam

First Name: Sarah Partner's First Name: Pam Age: early 40s Hometown: Denver Number of Children: 2, Wynn and Marlo When did you decide you wanted children? It all just sort of happened. It was

Rich and Dustin

First Name: Rich Partner's First Name: Dustin Age: 30 & 34 Hometown: Just settling into our new home in Nashua, NH Number of Children: Two active 8 & 9 year

Elise and Andrea

First Name: Elise Partner's First Name: Andrea State: CT Number of Children: 3 When did you decide you wanted children? We both always knew we wanted to have children. We love

Henry and Joel

Henry and Joel were one of the first gay couples to adopt in Florida after the gay adoption ban was overturned in that state. Now they are loving

Mitch and Peter

First Name: Mitch, 53 Partner's First Name: Peter, 47 Hometown/City: New York, NY Number of Children: 1, Paul Nunzio (named for both living grandfathers) When did you decide you wanted children? When

Jen and Kendra

First Name: Jen Partner's First Name: Kendra Age: 36 Hometown: Boston, MA Number of Children: 1 Names of Children: Addison When did you decide you wanted children? Before we started dating, we both knew the

Gail and Lyn

Gail and Lyn have each been pregnant, each experienced being non-gestational parents, and have taken turns staying home with the kids. Here's their story. First Name: Gail and Lyn Age:

Josh and Travis

Josh and Travis went through private, domestic adoption to adopt their son, Miles. Josh shares their journey to transracial adoption, their struggles with second-parent adoption in the Midwest,

Sandra and JB

Sandra and jb conceived their son Leo through at-home insemination (after a long TTC process) with a little help from acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Here's their story. First

Jeanne and Melissa

Jeanne and Melissa are lesbian parents with two children living in Florida. This is their story. Continue reading “Jeanne and Melissa”

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