The LGBT Financial Experience

While we already know that we as gays and lesbians have more financial burdens than our straight counterparts, it is a pretty rare occasion that those outside of

The Financial Effects of a DOMA Repeal for Gay Couples

By Gideon Alper Marriage equality has come a long way, but when it comes time to do your taxes, the federal government still treats married same-sex couples as single.

Second Parent Adoption Tax Credit 2013

By Melissa Brisman, Esq. Editor's Note: We're well past tax season, but for those with a baby on the way, it can't hurt to brush up on what to

Tax Returns for the Gay and Married

Tax season sucks. For anyone. But when you are a gay couple, married in the eyes of your state but not of your country, it sucks even worse. I

Second Parent Adoption Tax Credit 2012 Updates for Same Sex Parents

By Melissa Brisman, Esq. Many laws still discriminate against same sex couples in the United States, especially on the federal level. It is unconscionable that in many situations

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