Have You Used a Sperm Bank? Receive a Gift Card for Your Thoughts

We were recently approached by GenePeeks – a genetic information company with a mission to help families protect the health of future generations. The company is

The Anxiety of Sperm Shopping

His name is Owen*. Donor Owen. Donor Owen is in law school and his favorite food is meat. The female staff members where Donor Owen’s sperm resides are

Watch and Comment: “Donor Unknown” on PBS

In case you haven’t heard about Donor Unknown, the PBS documentary that focuses on one California Cryobank donor and the children that stemmed from his donations,

Sperm Bank Comparison

See how top sperm banks for lesbian couples stack up. Continue reading “Sperm Bank Comparison”

Insemination Decision 2: Known Donor or Sperm Bank?

Many lesbian couples start off considering someone they know to be a sperm donor. After all, it’s easy to know what a friend or relative looks like, how

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