Second Parent Adoption: Is It Really All That?

By Charlotte Capogna-Amias Hopes for a Radical Alternative for Queer, Non-Gestational Parents Earlier this year I was asked to speak on a panel on supporting marginalized families at

As a Pregnant Lesbian Couple, Can I Make Medical Decisions for My Wife?

Q: My partner is pregnant (we used an anonymous donor via a sperm bank) – when is it too early to start the second-parent adoption process in New

Can My Husband Adopt Our Child While Overseas?

Q: My husband and I are married in New York, and he will be deployed overseas for military service. Although we are grateful that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

DOMA-Proofing Our Family (Our Second Parent Adoption Story)

Bring Ava, your camera and whomever you want to celebrate this with you. Dress for court and, finally, congratulations! This was the email from our lawyer after

How Do I Handle Second Parent Adoption with a Known Donor?

Q: My partner wants to adopt my 1-year-old daughter, and we’re not sure how to handle my known sperm donor. We didn’t have a written agreement, but he

Is Our Apartment Big Enough to Adopt as a Gay Parent?

Q: My wife and I are ready—or at least, getting ready—to have children. What are our options and where do we start? Should we start planning our move

Is My Second Parent Adoption Valid In Another State?

Editor's Note: Welcome! This is the first post of a column that we here at IC are really excited about: Adoption attorney Evita Nancy Torre, Esq., of Greenberg

Second Parent Adoption Tax Credit 2012 Updates for Same Sex Parents

By Melissa Brisman, Esq. Many laws still discriminate against same sex couples in the United States, especially on the federal level. It is unconscionable that in many situations

The Legalese of Lesbian Parenting: Starting the Second Parent Adoption

Mom-to-Be to-do list

  • Paint and decorate baby nursery
  • Research safety reviews on car seats, cribs, strollers and other baby gear
  • Tediously register for gifts at the baby store
  • Sign up for

Can Using a Known Sperm Donor Affect Second-Parent Adoption?


Will there be any problems with our second parent adoption if we are inseminating at home with known donor sperm? We have detailed contracts spelling out responsibilities and

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