Thank You Supreme Court!

It is a good day for my family and many other same-sex couples across America. Today the Supreme Court ruled the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional and

Week in Review: Bad News for Chickens, Worse News for Regnerus

Oh, my fellow Americans (and non-Americans), it’s rough being a political hot button, isn’t it? You're trying to live a good life, ignore the assholes, fight the good

France Pledges to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage and Adoption

Good news from gay Pair-ee: Francois Hollande, France's new, lefty president, wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to legalize same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption in the country. Prime

Sorry NOM, Trix are for Gays: General Mills for Same Sex Rights

Hey, silly rabbits — remember Trix commercials? Trix looked so amazing on Trix commercials. It looked like the most delicious thing, like if Nerf Balls and cotton candy

Obama, North Carolina, and Change: Is It the Age of Aquarius Yet?

If someone says to me, “I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?” I always, always choose to hear the bad news first. I’d

Gay News! Lesbian Joins SNL, New Customs Rule, and Starbucks Brew-haha

Out Lesbian Kate McKinnon to be on SNL Ellen and Rosie have been around for awhile, so it’s refreshing to hear about a new lesbian comedian hitting the small

Our Family Begins with Peace, Love, and Ice Cream

As I sit here and type this blog post, my wife (that’s right, wife!) is unpacking the remainder of our wedding presents. I could not be happier

Same Sex Adoption Laws by State: Welcome to the Jungle

In the past few years, legal issues surrounding same sex adoption and parenting have exploded onto the national stage. Complicated cases hinging on biological ties, outdated adoption laws,

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