Hot tip: LezBeMommies Radio debuts tonight

We here at It's Conceivable are super-stoked about tonight's inaugural episode of LezBeMommies Radio, for a bunch of reasons: (1) it promises to be a great

The Ups and Downs of Trying to Conceive

The first time we saw a positive pregnancy test, the elation was overwhelming. First try, at home. Bam! We told everyone we had ever known

Moving on up

I get all proud of Cell Ball (aka Nubbin, aka the future human now gestating inside my wife, Sir Mixalot, who I also get all proud of) at

The ballad of Katie and Mixalot

There’s a thing that has always been true of me and my wife (Sir Mixalot, totally her real name), which is that where I am slow, thoughtful, and

The Allure of a Butch Mama

We’re in month three of Life with Boys; beginning to settle into new rhythms and having What Were We THINKING?!! conversations with decreasing frequency. It’s looking like we

As a Pregnant Lesbian Couple, Can I Make Medical Decisions for My Wife?

Q: My partner is pregnant (we used an anonymous donor via a sperm bank) – when is it too early to start the second-parent adoption process in New

Why Lesbians Love Doulas

When I was pregnant and told people that I was using a doula, the majority of those I told had no idea what a doula was. Interestingly, however,

The Transition to Parenthood

By Katie Moore For a couple, becoming parents is an exciting and difficult challenge to undertake. For LGBT couples, the steps to parenthood usually involve more steps and difficulties

Surviving Gestational Diabetes: The Doughnut Diaries

We have terrible eating habits. I blame myself because I tend to work late and I dislike grocery shopping. My wife used to take on these responsibilities but

What To Expect When You’re a Lesbian Mom Expecting

When I started writing at It’s Conceivable just a few months ago, I thought the title of my feature, “Surviving My Wife’s Pregnancy,” would aptly articulate

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