Year Three: The Evolution of This Queer Parent

This weekend we transitioned our daughter out of her crib and into a toddler bed. Ok, so I realize it’s not the most monumental act, and yet,

Something Has to Give

I have been sick for four weeks now. When I have thought about writing this post, I draw a blank. Finding that the topics that are

Best LGBT Books for Kids

Every night my partner and I sit down with our 9-month old daughter, Ava and read her three bedtime stories. The first two vary nightly, but we always

A Mother’s Response to Newtown

By Betsy Fife Archer It seems disingenuous to write about anything other than Newtown. Everything else seems like filler. I know this won’t always be true, but

The F Word: Father’s Day and Mother’s Day as Lesbian Mamas

Whether you’re a gay Mama or a gay Papa, sometime in the next few months you will face a holiday for whom there is no one in your

Letters to My Gayby No. 2: Gayby Speak Pretty One Day

By Rebecca Donohue Editor's Note: In our first installment, comedian Rebecca Donohue gave her future gayby some advice on oral hygiene. Today, she moves on to a

Why Some Lesbian Couples Are Moving to the Suburbs

By Carolyn Berger, LCSW When Kim Tierney told her partner, Philippa Abeles, that she wanted to move to the suburbs, Philippa was less than enthusiastic. She was comfortable

Child with Two Moms Wants Her Family In the Closet

Each month, Gwendolyn answers your questions on LGBTQ parenting. Write to her with your question here. Dear Gwendolyn, My daughter has just started middle school. She has two moms

13 Tips for Parenting a Transgender Child

by Dallas Denny What should you do if you have a child who is gender nonconforming-- or one who does conform to a gender role, just not the biological

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