Hey, son. We’re your mothers.

Aaand, just like that (in sloth years, maybe), I am a parent. Possibly also apparent? Very shortly after I finished my last post, Sir Mixalot (totally the real

Everybody limbo: the other two-week wait

Dear Internet,

The last time I wrote was months ago, and now my wife, Sir Mixalot, and I are expecting our first baby...today. Actually by the time this goes

Your baby has five arms and three dots. Totally normal.

Early morning, the last day (maybe) that we won’t know whether Cell Ball is a boy or a girl. I try to enjoy this not-knowing time,

The Birth Story of a Non-Bio Mom

My wife is getting ready to leave the house to enjoy an evening of socializing for the first time since our daughters were born. Being out of the

The Other Mother Pep Talk

The count is on at my house and we are forty-five days from lift-off. In a matter of weeks we will be a family of four. It’s exciting

Support for the Non-Pregnant Partner

Each month, Gwendolyn answers your questions on LGBTQ parenting. Write to her with your question here. Dear Gwendolyn, We have come down a long road to get pregnant

Assumption Junction: Sharing Pregnancy News As the Non-Bio Mom

Honey don’t you want to do it yourself? It‘s such a beautiful thing, a real gift that only women can experience. It’s going to be you this time, right? Oh,

Gail and Lyn

Gail and Lyn have each been pregnant, each experienced being non-gestational parents, and have taken turns staying home with the kids. Here's their story. First Name: Gail and Lyn Age:

Surviving My Wife’s Pregnancy: It Begins!

I just received a text message from my wife. Confused by this, I went to the living room from my desk in the adjoining room

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