DOMA and Prop 8 headed to the Supreme Court

Image © Meryl Schenker Photography
News outlets are brimming with marriage-equality stories lately, in part because the Supreme Court announced Friday that it will be hearing two cases related

Occupy Gay Wall Street: Out on the Street Works Toward Progress

First the Occupiers and now the Gays. Both groups are fed up with the Wall Street status quo. The difference is that the gays actually have a plan

News Roundup: Modern Families, Hung Judges and a French Kiss

Photo Credit: Gérard Julien/ AFP Lots of haps, folks, ranging from the delightful to the utterly baffling. In no particular order: The Netherlands kind of sort of considers extending

Supreme Court Makes Us Wait for DOMA and Prop 8

Thousands of California same-sex couples and countless other people (like myself), who are affected daily by the unconstitutional federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), are waiting

NFL Macho Men say Gay is OK

I’m one of the few lesbians who doesn’t follow football. But some of these NFL guys have really caught my attention lately. Apart from the extremely tight-fitting pants,

Spoiler! Gay Character in ParaNorman Doesn’t Ruin Movie, Kids

Religious conservative mom Nancy French warned other parents on a Christian website last week that the new animated zombie comedy from the makers of Academy award-nominated Coraline will

Week in Review: Bad News for Chickens, Worse News for Regnerus

Oh, my fellow Americans (and non-Americans), it’s rough being a political hot button, isn’t it? You're trying to live a good life, ignore the assholes, fight the good

Google’s “Legalize Love” Campaign Targets Homophobic Countries

Well I never thought I'd say this, but I might have to trade in my iPhone for an Android. Search (and everything else) behemoth Google announced at a Global

France Pledges to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage and Adoption

Good news from gay Pair-ee: Francois Hollande, France's new, lefty president, wasn't kidding when he said he wanted to legalize same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption in the country. Prime

Sorry NOM, Trix are for Gays: General Mills for Same Sex Rights

Hey, silly rabbits — remember Trix commercials? Trix looked so amazing on Trix commercials. It looked like the most delicious thing, like if Nerf Balls and cotton candy

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