Letters to My Gayby No. 3: Crunching Numbers

By Rebecca Donohue Editor's Note: In her first two installments, comedian Rebecca Donohue gave her future gayby some advice on oral hygiene and learning other

My Two Boys: Learning the Gender Ropes as a Lesbian Mama

There’s a new little man in town and we call him “Monkey”. Just last month my wife delivered another healthy boy and we couldn’t be happier. Or more

Elise and Andrea

First Name: Elise Partner's First Name: Andrea State: CT Number of Children: 3 When did you decide you wanted children? We both always knew we wanted to have children. We love

Jen and Kendra

First Name: Jen Partner's First Name: Kendra Age: 36 Hometown: Boston, MA Number of Children: 1 Names of Children: Addison When did you decide you wanted children? Before we started dating, we both knew the

Victoria and Jennifer: Getting To Baby Through Surrogacy

Victoria and Jennifer Collier are the authors of the new book Getting to Baby, which shares their journey to have children through surrogacy. First Name: Victoria

Feel Good Tuesday: The Lighter, Sweeter Side of Gay News

Typically, when I post gay news items they are politicized, or often a little depressing, like when congressmen make up ridiculous arguments against gay marriage

Meet n’ Greet the IC Bloggers

Follow our bloggers as they navigate the ups and downs of insemination, surrogacy, planning and parenting. Continue reading “Meet n’ Greet the IC Bloggers”

Karen and Janice

Karen and Janice are lesbian parents of five living in Salt Lake City. They biologically conceived after a long journey of TTC. First Name: Karen Partner's First Name: Janice Age:

Veronica and Em

Veronica and Em successfully adopted internationally, but not without some bumps along the way. Here's their story. Continue reading “Veronica and Em”

Diana and Andrea

Diana and Andrea are raising twins conceived from donor insemination in NYC. Here's their story. Continue reading “Diana and Andrea”

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