Jen and Barb

First Name: Jen Partner's First Name: Barb Age: 33/37 Hometown/City: Manhattan, NY Number of Children: 1 Names of Children: Ava When did you decide you wanted children? I

At-Home Insemination (IUI) for Lesbian Couples

As we’ve discussed in our insemination section, there are many different options for lesbian couples who are interested in being biologically connected to their child. Depending

Lesbian IVF: Q & A with Fertility Specialist Dr. Samuel Pang

Dr. Samuel Pang is the medical director of the Third Party Reproduction Team at Reproductive Science Center of New England, one of the first clinics in

The Modern Day Woman and Fertility

By Meg Richichi An Integrative Women’s Health Practitioner for the last 16 years, Meg Richichi blends both Eastern and Western modalities in her NYC practice. Her extensive studies

Sperm Bank Comparison

See how top sperm banks for lesbian couples stack up. Continue reading “Sperm Bank Comparison”

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