Can a Living Will Give Me Parental Rights as an LGBT Partner?

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How Do I Handle Second Parent Adoption with a Known Donor?

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Q: My wife and I are ready—or at least, getting ready—to have children. What are our options and where do we start? Should we start planning our move

Can I Adopt a Child from Foster Care Without Being a Foster Parent?

Editor's Note: This is the last in Evita Nancy Torre's series of questions and answers on Foster Parenting in celebration of National Foster Care Month. Q: Can I

How Do Children Become Available Through Foster Care?

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Is My Second Parent Adoption Valid In Another State?

Editor's Note: Welcome! This is the first post of a column that we here at IC are really excited about: Adoption attorney Evita Nancy Torre, Esq., of Greenberg

FREE LGBT Family Legal Clinic

When: Monday, December 19th, 5-7pm Where: The LGBT Center in Manhattan at 208 West 13th Street, New York, NY What: A FREE LGBT Family Legal Clinic. Ask questions, find support,

Questions to Ask a Reproductive Attorney for Gay Dads-To-Be

Whether you are a single man or a gay couple looking to start a family, there is a nest of legal issues to untangle (and be prepared for)

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