The Financial Effects of a DOMA Repeal for Gay Couples

By Gideon Alper Marriage equality has come a long way, but when it comes time to do your taxes, the federal government still treats married same-sex couples as single.

DOMA and Prop 8 headed to the Supreme Court

Image © Meryl Schenker Photography
News outlets are brimming with marriage-equality stories lately, in part because the Supreme Court announced Friday that it will be hearing two cases related

News Roundup: Modern Families, Hung Judges and a French Kiss

Photo Credit: Gérard Julien/ AFP Lots of haps, folks, ranging from the delightful to the utterly baffling. In no particular order: The Netherlands kind of sort of considers extending

How Obamacare affects LGBT families

Say what you will about Obamacare, it makes me procrastinate. Sometimes for upwards of two months. It started on June 28, the day the US Supreme Court

LGBT Marriage Forum – Featuring Us!

Thinking about getting married? Planning on getting married but - like my girlfriend and me - don't know what the

DOMA-Proofing Our Family (Our Second Parent Adoption Story)

Bring Ava, your camera and whomever you want to celebrate this with you. Dress for court and, finally, congratulations! This was the email from our lawyer after

Gay News! Lesbian Joins SNL, New Customs Rule, and Starbucks Brew-haha

Out Lesbian Kate McKinnon to be on SNL Ellen and Rosie have been around for awhile, so it’s refreshing to hear about a new lesbian comedian hitting the small

Same Sex Marriage Parenting Options Seminar

When: Wednesday, March 28th, 6pm – 8pm What: Same Sex Marriage in New York is now legal. This seminar will examine the law’s effect on biological parenting options for

In what states can a same-sex couple be listed on a child’s birth certificate?

Your questions answered by Diana Adams, Esq, LGBT Lawyer and Family Mediator


My partner and I live in a state where same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, and same-sex

Sperm Donor Agreements: Essential Information for Parents and Donors

By Diana Adams, Esq, Attorney and Mediator Many families today seek artificial insemination from a sperm donor, including lesbian couples, single women, and heterosexual couples in which

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