Adoption Complete! The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For

As of this past Thursday, we are officially parents. In a whirlwind of activity, my wife and I brought home our amazing, beautiful, precious daughter after being on

Waiting in a Void

We have reached a new phase of our adoption process. We are officially on the waitlist. Officially. We can find our online

Sample Adoption Profile: Jess and Carla

Happy Tuesday! Many of you may know Jess, who is a frequent contributor to It's Conceivable, and has been bravely blogging about her experience going through

Unexpected Bumps in the Road to Gay Adoption: Challenges Arise

I have never before thought of myself as someone who needs, or even really likes, to be in control. Usually, I am more than happy to give

Beginning the Same Sex Adoption Process Again, and Again, and Again…

At the end of this past May, I completed my program in graduate school. Little did I know that sooner than I realized I would soon be

Adoption Agency Consultation: Now We’re Ready for Anything

With each new step of this adoption journey comes new emotions that I sometimes feel ill equipped to explain to others. Nothing could be more true of

Our Family Begins with Peace, Love, and Ice Cream

As I sit here and type this blog post, my wife (that’s right, wife!) is unpacking the remainder of our wedding presents. I could not be happier

Choosing an Open Adoption Agency: The Gay-Friendly Test

It amazes me to look back at where Carla and I were, just last month.  I am overwhelmed, in a good way, by the vast amount of knowledge

Our Journey to Lesbian Adoption: The Beginning

  It all started in a bookstore… Okay, it didn’t really, but that is often what we try to tell people when they ask how we met. In truth,

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