The LGBT Financial Experience

While we already know that we as gays and lesbians have more financial burdens than our straight counterparts, it is a pretty rare occasion that those outside of

This is Getting Exciting: Support for Gay Marriage Grows Big Time

I can’t help but feel giddy. A new Pew Research study shows that supporters of gay marriage finally outnumber opponents. I’m actually not surprised; every time I turn

Tax Returns for the Gay and Married

Tax season sucks. For anyone. But when you are a gay couple, married in the eyes of your state but not of your country, it sucks even worse. I

Does this outfit make my mom look gay?

We chose to not find out the sex of our baby, mainly because we felt it is one of the few good natural surprises left in this world,

Supreme Court Makes Us Wait for DOMA and Prop 8

Thousands of California same-sex couples and countless other people (like myself), who are affected daily by the unconstitutional federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), are waiting

Spoiler! Gay Character in ParaNorman Doesn’t Ruin Movie, Kids

Religious conservative mom Nancy French warned other parents on a Christian website last week that the new animated zombie comedy from the makers of Academy award-nominated Coraline will

DOMA-Proofing Our Family (Our Second Parent Adoption Story)

Bring Ava, your camera and whomever you want to celebrate this with you. Dress for court and, finally, congratulations! This was the email from our lawyer after

Why Lesbians Love Doulas

When I was pregnant and told people that I was using a doula, the majority of those I told had no idea what a doula was. Interestingly, however,

How DOMA is Keeping me From Being the Parent I Want to Be

My baby girl had her four-month check up today. I woke up with a tremendous feeling of sadness realizing how fast the time has gone and the realization

Lesbians Conceiving Overseas: Greece’s Other Crisis

When we think about Greece these days, images of protesters throwing Molotov cocktails at police in Syntagma Square demonstrating their anger over austerity measures come to mind. On

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