Jen and Barb

First Name: Jen Partner's First Name: Barb Age: 33/37 Hometown/City: Manhattan, NY Number of Children: 1 Names of Children: Ava When did you decide you wanted children? I

At-Home Insemination (IUI) for Lesbian Couples

As we’ve discussed in our insemination section, there are many different options for lesbian couples who are interested in being biologically connected to their child. Depending

The Lesbian Baby-Making Wait

Apparently patience is required to make babies. She is patient and I am . . . getting there. She is Linda and I am Emily. We are both

Surviving My Wife’s Pregnancy: It Begins!

I just received a text message from my wife. Confused by this, I went to the living room from my desk in the adjoining room

Insemination Decision 3: ICI, IUI, or IVF

Oh, acronyms. When we don’t know what you mean it’s so frustrating. When we unlock your secrets it’s so satisfying. The acronyms ICI, IUI, and IVF stand for

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