Meet Katie, IUI Virgin and Cervical Explorer

Hi, world! But enough chit-chat! First things first: if you are a parent and you are reading this (which, I mean, if you’re not reading this then how

Lesbians Conceiving Overseas: Greece’s Other Crisis

When we think about Greece these days, images of protesters throwing Molotov cocktails at police in Syntagma Square demonstrating their anger over austerity measures come to mind. On

Jen and Kendra

First Name: Jen Partner's First Name: Kendra Age: 36 Hometown: Boston, MA Number of Children: 1 Names of Children: Addison When did you decide you wanted children? Before we started dating, we both knew the

To Know or Not To Know: The Baby Gender Question

A few tries into the TTC process, my wife said something I never expected her to say. We were eating dinner in our usual places on the

They Did It: LGBT Parenting Stories

These gay and lesbian parents did it, and so can you. Continue reading “They Did It: LGBT Parenting Stories”

Gail and Lyn

Gail and Lyn have each been pregnant, each experienced being non-gestational parents, and have taken turns staying home with the kids. Here's their story. First Name: Gail and Lyn Age:

Lesbian TTC and The Green-Eyed Monster

Nobody wants to admit the worst in themselves, which is why this post has been very hard for me to write. Really hard. The only reason I feel

Watch and Comment: “Donor Unknown” on PBS

In case you haven’t heard about Donor Unknown, the PBS documentary that focuses on one California Cryobank donor and the children that stemmed from his donations,

Lesbian Pregnancy Tests: The First Time is the Worst Time

Since we started our TTC process, we've cultivated our own little community of support and made some very dear friends in the process. One of those couples of

Jeanne and Melissa

Jeanne and Melissa are lesbian parents with two children living in Florida. This is their story. Continue reading “Jeanne and Melissa”

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