The Battle Cry of a Gay Father

I was recently asked by a reader why I always refer to myself as a gay dad or to my husband and I as gay fathers rather than

An Inevitable Truth

So our son will soon be two and I was recently asked why I have never written about his birthday. Not the cake filled, balloon type of birthday,

Dangerous Birth Mother Liasons

Note: This post is just in time for November, National Adoption Month. I was reminded the other day of just what lengths some of us must go through.... choose to

Soup, Salad, and a Lesson in Life

In 1997 I looked into the eyes of a killer. I was enjoying a few drinks with friends at this great little watering hole in Fort Lauderdale called Cathode

Baby on Board: Who Needs Disney World, When You’ve Got Nature?

My Family and I just returned from a great adventure. We're infamous for our travels you know. We climb pyramids, ride a camel every so often, drink the water, and

Just An Ordinary Day

by Henry Amador Batten It was 5 days before our wedding. Soon guests would be arriving, planes would need to be met, hotels checked into, and hosting would begin. My (then)

Call Your Father

by Henry Amador Batten *now* "Please call your father!" That's how my Father's Day began, my first Father's Day. With my husband telling me I should call my Dad. My parents divorced

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