The Junior Project: Part One

By Marc Leandro In early 2011, my husband Lin and I decided we wanted to start a family. With precious little knowledge, but a lot of determination, we waded

The Anxiety of Sperm Shopping

His name is Owen*. Donor Owen. Donor Owen is in law school and his favorite food is meat. The female staff members where Donor Owen’s sperm resides are

Cervical Monitoring: The Good, The Bad, The [Censored]

Dear readers. My last installment ended on a wild promise: that I would next discuss “the cervix.” (There was also something about 6-inch flour tortillas but the pictures

Meet Katie, IUI Virgin and Cervical Explorer

Hi, world! But enough chit-chat! First things first: if you are a parent and you are reading this (which, I mean, if you’re not reading this then how

They Did It: LGBT Parenting Stories

These gay and lesbian parents did it, and so can you. Continue reading “They Did It: LGBT Parenting Stories”

Our Family Begins with Peace, Love, and Ice Cream

As I sit here and type this blog post, my wife (that’s right, wife!) is unpacking the remainder of our wedding presents. I could not be happier

Considering Gay Adoption in a Not-So-Gay-Friendly State

Hello again my little internetz friendz! It’s been a little while since I’ve checked in and provided status on where me and the Hubs are with

City Select Double Stroller with a Side of Options

I love the City Select Double Stroller.   OK, love might be too strong a word.  It is however a very versatile, light-weight (for it’s class) and durable stroller

The Lesbian Baby-Making Wait

Apparently patience is required to make babies. She is patient and I am . . . getting there. She is Linda and I am Emily. We are both

Notes From a Gay Mom: We All Have Fears

Two of my biggest fears leading up to us deciding to have kids were: 1)   Will my family truly understand and see Andrea as my wife / mother of

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