Why We Should (and Will) Ignore Mark Regnerus’s Gay Parenting Study

My wife and I are off work and hanging with her family in Texas this week, just in time for the small Internet kerfuffle that’s erupted over a

Oprah Talks to Neil Patrick Harris About Gay Parenting, Other Stuff

So I haven't seen Oprah's new network - pretty much at all - as we also haven't had cable for the past 2 years (we stream all

Talking to Your Kids About Sex: Tips for the Modern Parent

A few days ago, we featured sexuality expert and author Cory Silverberg's Children's Book Project What Makes A Baby? as our One Cool Thing.

What to Say When Your Kids Ask “What Makes a Baby?”

This week's One Cool Thing from IC If you saw this headline and thought, "I have no idea. This stuff is hard to explain to adults, let alone

Gay Parenting E-Cards

Did you guys know that some e-Cards now allows you to make your own? It's pretty fun.

City Select Double Stroller with a Side of Options

I love the City Select Double Stroller.   OK, love might be too strong a word.  It is however a very versatile, light-weight (for it’s class) and durable stroller

Meet n’ Greet the IC Bloggers

Follow our bloggers as they navigate the ups and downs of insemination, surrogacy, planning and parenting. Continue reading “Meet n’ Greet the IC Bloggers”

Notes From a Gay Mom: We All Have Fears

Two of my biggest fears leading up to us deciding to have kids were: 1)   Will my family truly understand and see Andrea as my wife / mother of

Notes from a Gay Mom: It’s Worth It

Our fertility doctor calls me at work two weeks after our seventh cycle, and maybe a day or so after a pregnancy test.  I knew I was pregnant.

Why Gay Parenting, Why Now?

Hello and welcome! We’re here to provide clear, no frills, pregnancy and parenting information to prospective and adoptive gay and lesbian parents, in NYC and beyond. Here's why

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