Hey, son. We’re your mothers.

Aaand, just like that (in sloth years, maybe), I am a parent. Possibly also apparent? Very shortly after I finished my last post, Sir Mixalot (totally the real

Everybody limbo: the other two-week wait

Dear Internet,

The last time I wrote was months ago, and now my wife, Sir Mixalot, and I are expecting our first baby...today. Actually by the time this goes

Your baby has five arms and three dots. Totally normal.

Early morning, the last day (maybe) that we won’t know whether Cell Ball is a boy or a girl. I try to enjoy this not-knowing time,

Questions Queer Parents Get Asked: How Did You DO IT?

I work as an academic counselor and administrator in a college-based support program. Ever since my daughter was born nearly three years ago I have found myself

Q&A: Zach Wahls kicks ass, takes names for equality

Zach Wahls is (figuratively) on fire! Just last year, this strapping young Eagle Scout’s speech about his family at the Iowa House of Representatives went viral (twice!), infecting

The New Normal Reviewed: Gay Parenting in Primetime

“The New Normal.” The title is fitting, as gay leading roles on network television sitcom have, in fact, become the “new normal.” I’m not saying that gay characters

How Obamacare affects LGBT families

Say what you will about Obamacare, it makes me procrastinate. Sometimes for upwards of two months. It started on June 28, the day the US Supreme Court

Gay Marriage, Gay Parenting, and Me

Photo credit: REUTERS/Pilar Olivare My girlfriend and I are planning to get married. We’ve been together four years. I did not set up an elaborate proposal (Although I briefly

Week in Review: Bad News for Chickens, Worse News for Regnerus

Oh, my fellow Americans (and non-Americans), it’s rough being a political hot button, isn’t it? You're trying to live a good life, ignore the assholes, fight the good

A Talk with Gay Parenting Researcher Abbie Goldberg

Dr. Abbie Goldberg’s research focuses on exploring parenthood, relationship quality, and well being in diverse families, including adoptive parent families and lesbian/gay parent families. She is currently exploring

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