The Battle Cry of a Gay Father

I was recently asked by a reader why I always refer to myself as a gay dad or to my husband and I as gay fathers rather than

A.J. and Daniel

First Name: A.J. Partner's First Name: Daniel Age: 36 Hometown/City: Des Moines, Iowa Number of Children: 2 Names of Children: Jackson and Peyton When did you decide

Mitch and Peter

First Name: Mitch, 53 Partner's First Name: Peter, 47 Hometown/City: New York, NY Number of Children: 1, Paul Nunzio (named for both living grandfathers) When did you decide you wanted children? When

Whoa. New NBC Sitcom Stars Two Gay Dads and a Surrogate Mom

This fall, NBC will be premiering The New Normal, a show where "two gay dads and a baby mama create a totally new kind of family."

Considering Gay Adoption in a Not-So-Gay-Friendly State

Hello again my little internetz friendz! It’s been a little while since I’ve checked in and provided status on where me and the Hubs are with

Questions to Ask a Reproductive Attorney for Gay Dads-To-Be

Whether you are a single man or a gay couple looking to start a family, there is a nest of legal issues to untangle (and be prepared for)

A Gay Dad’s Great Big Journey to Baby Number Two

Hi there! My name is Ryan and I run a little personal website called, which focuses on my (mis)adventures in becoming a first-time father

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