A.J. and Daniel

First Name: A.J. Partner's First Name: Daniel Age: 36 Hometown/City: Des Moines, Iowa Number of Children: 2 Names of Children: Jackson and Peyton When did you decide

Can I Adopt a Child from Foster Care Without Being a Foster Parent?

Editor's Note: This is the last in Evita Nancy Torre's series of questions and answers on Foster Parenting in celebration of National Foster Care Month. Q: Can I

How Do Children Become Available Through Foster Care?

Q: I read your article about being eligible to be a foster parent, but would like to learn more about adopting through foster care. How do children become

Foster Parenting as a Gay Dad: It’s Worth It

By Henry Amador Today is one of those days. The kind of day that makes you look back at your life, your decisions, your choices, your actual role in the

Can We Become Foster Parents in New York as a Gay Couple?

Q: My husband and I would like to become foster parents as a gay couple? Can we? A: Your question is perfectly timed for May, which is National Foster

Kergan and Russ

Kergan and Russ are adoptive parents to two boys in Orange County, CA. Mason,11, was adopted through a private agency, and Marcus, 9, was adopted through foster care.

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