The LGBT Financial Experience

While we already know that we as gays and lesbians have more financial burdens than our straight counterparts, it is a pretty rare occasion that those outside of

The Legalese of Lesbian Parenting: Starting the Second Parent Adoption

Mom-to-Be to-do list

  • Paint and decorate baby nursery
  • Research safety reviews on car seats, cribs, strollers and other baby gear
  • Tediously register for gifts at the baby store
  • Sign up for

Gail and Lyn

Gail and Lyn have each been pregnant, each experienced being non-gestational parents, and have taken turns staying home with the kids. Here's their story. First Name: Gail and Lyn Age:

Pros and Cons of Indian Surrogacy (Our Big Decision)

Well, we are late. And not in that awesome OMGBABYONTHEWAY late. I'm just late in catching you up on our happenings on the baby front.

Children of Gay Parents Face Disadvantages, Say LGBT Groups

A coalition of LGBT groups has released a groundbreaking report on the inequities faced by gay families today. "All Children Matter: How Legal and Social Inequalities Hurt LGBT

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