What the DOMA Decision Means to Me

It feels different. It does. After all the nerves and anticipation and frank dread, when the Supreme Court finally issued their rulings last week I had to check

A Measure of Acceptance in the Heart of the Bible Belt

My grandfather passed away on Christmas Eve. The weather was iffy and the trip would be short, so when the funeral was held later in the week I

The Allure of a Butch Mama

We’re in month three of Life with Boys; beginning to settle into new rhythms and having What Were We THINKING?!! conversations with decreasing frequency. It’s looking like we

My Two Boys: Learning the Gender Ropes as a Lesbian Mama

There’s a new little man in town and we call him “Monkey”. Just last month my wife delivered another healthy boy and we couldn’t be happier. Or more

The F Word: Father’s Day and Mother’s Day as Lesbian Mamas

Whether you’re a gay Mama or a gay Papa, sometime in the next few months you will face a holiday for whom there is no one in your

The Other Mother Pep Talk

The count is on at my house and we are forty-five days from lift-off. In a matter of weeks we will be a family of four. It’s exciting

Super Bowl Musings of a Non-Athletic Mama

Super Bowl Sunday is significant in my world for only one reason and that reason is communal snacking. I have no idea who is playing and zero

Assumption Junction: Sharing Pregnancy News As the Non-Bio Mom

Honey don’t you want to do it yourself? It‘s such a beautiful thing, a real gift that only women can experience. It’s going to be you this time, right? Oh,

To Know or Not To Know: The Baby Gender Question

A few tries into the TTC process, my wife said something I never expected her to say. We were eating dinner in our usual places on the

I’m Now a Lesbian Dad

Yogi loves a mailbox. He could open and close that door for hours (or in toddler time, minutes) and never show any interest for what‘s inside.

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