Hey, son. We’re your mothers.

Aaand, just like that (in sloth years, maybe), I am a parent. Possibly also apparent? Very shortly after I finished my last post, Sir Mixalot (totally the real

A girl’s guide to fatherhood

A few days after we got the 'positive' I went to the library and checked out roughly 58 million books about pregnancy. I couldn't find any targeted toward

O, holy shite: no bananas heads home for X-mas

I’ve actually started to hear from people (strangers, even!) who are reading this blog, and I love it — reaching a few compadres-in-arms is why I started writing

Cervical Monitoring: The Good, The Bad, The [Censored]

Dear readers. My last installment ended on a wild promise: that I would next discuss “the cervix.” (There was also something about 6-inch flour tortillas but the pictures

Meet Katie, IUI Virgin and Cervical Explorer

Hi, world! But enough chit-chat! First things first: if you are a parent and you are reading this (which, I mean, if you’re not reading this then how

The Adoption Paperwork…(A.K.A. Getting Sh** Done)

Here are the things that we have accomplished in the past month: we have met with our adoption counselor for a second time, we have taken another

I’m Now a Lesbian Dad

Yogi loves a mailbox. He could open and close that door for hours (or in toddler time, minutes) and never show any interest for what‘s inside.

Lesbian TTC and The Green-Eyed Monster

Nobody wants to admit the worst in themselves, which is why this post has been very hard for me to write. Really hard. The only reason I feel

Lesbian Parenting Priorities: Rock & Roll to Rockabye

This week I went to my first rock show in ages. My wife called it “guys night out” because I left her at home and went with our

Becoming a SAHM Lesbian Mom and Other Southern Adventures

Last year I was a psychologist teaching at a university. This year I am a stay-at-home Mom. During the summer that bridged the gap between these

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