Gay Friendly Lawyers in NYC

Let’s get one thing out of the way: Most people don’t need to retain a lawyer when they decide to have a child, but you will. There, now that we’ve faced reality as a gay parent, let’s talk about the types of knowledge lawyers specializing in gay parenting issues need. First, state laws and regulations on hot button issues like second-parent adoption, surrogacy, gay marriage, and gay adoption are constantly changing in today’s politically charged atmosphere. This is generally a good thing (fingers crossed for positive change) but you will need to retain an attorney who knows the laws in your state that pertain to gay and lesbian families inside and out. See our list of lawyers and attorneys specializing in gay parenting issues in NYC below.

Lawyers Specializing in Gay Parenting Issues in NYC:

Diana Adams Law & Mediation

48 Wall Street, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10005
Services Provided: sperm donor agreements, second parent adoption, co-parenting agreements, custody & divorce mediation, same-sex marriage, wills, other family law matters.
Phone: 347-994-9529
Fax: 347-493-3552

Law Office of Nicole C. Barnum

16 West 23d St., 4th Floor
NY NY 10010
Services Provided: Nicole has been practicing law in NYC for over twenty years specializing in: Co-parenting agreements, donor agreements, adoptions, child support, orders of protection, custody & visitation litigation and other family law matters.
Phone: 917-371-7241

Gina M. Bonica, Esq.

Kurland, Bonica & Associates, P.C.
304 Park Avenue South, Suite 206
New York, New York 10010
Services Provided: Second parent adoption, domestic partnership
Phone: (212) 253- 6911
Fax: (212) 614-2532

Anthony M. Brown

Albert W. Chianese & Associates
60 East 42nd Street, Suite 950
New York, NY 10165
Services Provided: Second parent adoption, domestic partnership
Phone: (212) 953-6447

Carol L. Buell, Esq.

Weiss, Buell & Bell
11 Park Place, Suite 606
New York, NY 10007
Services Provided: Domestic partnership, second parent adoption and other family law matters
Phone: 212-967-5710 Ext:5721
Fax: 212-967-1336

Teresa Calabrese

233 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4A
New York, NY 10016
Services Provided: Donor agreements, co-parenting, domestic partnership, second parent adoption, estate planning
Phone: (212) 889-1101

Law Office of Brian Esser

540 President Street, 3rd Flr.
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Services Provided: Private-placement adoption, private agency adoption, foster care adoption, and second-parent adoption, assisted reproductive technology, sperm donor agreements, egg donor agreements, embryo donor agreements, surrogacy agreements, estate planning.
Brian sits on the Board of Directors of National LGBT Bar Foundation. He and his husband have a son through open adoption.
Phone: (718) 747-8447Call: (718) 747-8447
Fax: (718) 799-9170Call: (718) 799-9170

Robin Fleischner, Esq.

Robin Fleischner, Attorney at Law
11 Riverside Drive
Suite 14MW
New York, NY 10023
Services Provided: Dedicated to forming families through adoption, surrogacy, and assisted reproduction.
Phone: (212) 362-6945

Christopher Goeken

233 Fifth Avenue
Suite 4A
New York, NY 10016
(corner of 27th Street)
Services Provided: Second parent adoption
Phone: 212-518-3302
Fax: 646-706-7574

Clifford L. Greenberg, Esq.

363 Seventh Avenue, Suite 400
New York, NY 10001
Notes:Cliff Greenberg is an adoption attorney, the resident legal expert at The Center, and the author of a children’s book about a girl’s adoption by two loving mothers. Cliff hosts The Center’s monthly Family Law Clinic, and exclusively practices adoption and law.
Phone: 212-545-7337
Fax: 212-545-7406

New York Legal Assistance Group

NYLAG’s LGBT Law Project*
Contact: Virginia Goggin
450 W. 33rd Street, 11th Floor,
New York, NY 10001
Services Provided: Financially affordable general LGBT services, second parent adoption
Phone: 212.613.5000 ext. 5107
Fax: 212.613.0820

Rebecca L. Mendel, Esq.

Rosin Steinhagen Mendel
801 Second Avenue, 10th Floor
New York, New York 10017
Services Provided: Adoption law: Domestic, Interstate, Private-Placement Adoption, Private Agency Adoption, Re-Adoption, Foster Care Adoptions. Second Parent Adoption, Single Parent Adoption, Step-Parent Adoptions, Adult Adoptions. Sperm Donor Agreements.
Phone: (212) 972-5430 x28
Fax: (212) 972-5835

Joseph G. Milizio, Esq.

Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP
830 Third Avenue, Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212.759.3500
Services provided: Second and step-parent adoptions; adoptions; cohabitation agreements; pre-nuptial agreements; divorce; custody; child support; estate planning; real estate; business transactions; and employment law.

Joy Rosenthal, Esq.

Rosenthal Law & Meditation
225 Broadway – Suite 2605
New York, NY 10007
Services Provided: second parent adoptions, step-parent adoptions,and foster parent adoptions, as well as donor agreements, prenuptial agreements, divorce, separation and custody mediation, collaborative law and estate planning for same sex couples.
Phone: (212) 532-4704
Fax: (646) 607-2277

Deborah Steincolor, Esq.

845 Third Ave., Suite 1400
New York, NY 10022
Services Provided: Since 1994, Deborah has been providing services to New York and New Jersey gay and lesbian individuals and couples becoming parents through adoption and, since 2010, through ART.
Phone: 212.421.7807

80 Park Street
Montclair, NJ 07042
Phone: 973.743.7500

Judith E. Turkel, Esq.

Turkel, Forman, & de la Vega, LLP
304 Park Avenue South, Suite 207
New York, NY 10010
Services Provided: Second parent adoptions, donor agreements, same sex marriage
Phone: (212) 353-2200
Fax: (212) 353-8828

Lawyers Outside NYC (But Still Close):

Melissa B. Brisman, Esq.

Melissa B. Brisman, Esq., LLC
One Paragon Drive, Suite 158
Montvale, NJ 07645
Services Provided: Drafts and negotiates contracts for many types of reproductive arrangements including gestational carrier contracts, ovum, sperm and embryo donation contracts and adoptions; works with international couples; finalizes same sex and step parent adoptions; obtains court orders for gestational carrier arrangements to allow the intended parents to go directly on the birth certificate of their child at birth; processes name changes; and reviews insurance books on behalf of intended parents and their gestational carriers.
Phone: 201-505-0099
Fax: 201-505-0097 Fax

The Law Firm of Victoria T. Ferrara, P.C.

Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists
2150 Post Road, Suite 401
Fairfield, CT 06824
Services Provided: WSS distinguishes itself from other agencies in its breadth of knowledge legal issues in surrogacy, and experience in all aspects of the surrogacy journey. WSS’s ability to provide the highest quality of service is unparalleled in the field of surrogacy law, offering clients compassionate, professional and personalized representation. Victoria is considered a true pioneer in Assisted Reproduction Law through the landmark case of Raftopol v. Ramey. In this groundbreaking decision, the Connecticut State Supreme Court ruled a non-biological intended parent may become a legal parent without having to adopt the baby.

Victoria T. Ferrara, Esq., and her partner of 18 years, are the proud parents of two sons, ages 13 and 18. She is a member of the Connecticut Bar Association, the prestigious American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Lawyers, the National Gay and Lesbian Bar Association, and is the author of “Gestational Surrogacy, A Primer”. She lectures to physicians, potential parents, universities, and lawyers around the world.
Phone: 203.255.9877

Lisa Goldberg, Esq.

26 Broadmoor Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
Services Provided: Adoption law in the greater area of New York City. Legal assistance in both foster adoptions and private, domestic adoptions, second parent adoptions, step-parent adoptions, and re-adoptions of international adoptions which were finalized outside the United States. Clients include birth parents, married and unmarried couples, same-sex couples, and single men and women.
Phone: 914-420-6163

Laurie B. Goldheim, Esq.

Law Offices of Laurie B. Goldheim
20 Old Nyack Turnpike
Suite 300
Nanuet, NY 10954
Services Provided: Represents single couples, couples (heterosexual and homosexual) in private domestic adoption.
Phone: (845) 624-2727
Fax: (845) 624-8400

Michael S. Goldstein, Esq.

62 Bowman Avenue
Rye Brook, NY 10573
Services Provided: Single, dual and second parent adoptions. Domestic, agency, international, readoption and foster care.
Phone: (914) 939-1111
Fax: (914) 939-2369

Law Offices of Christine J. Klein, P.C.

245 Saw Mill River Road, Suite 106
Hawthorne, NY 10532
Services Provided: Second and Step-Parent Adoptions; Adoptions; Cohabitation Agreements; Pre-nuptial Agreements; Divorce; Custody; Child Support; Estate Planning, Residential Real Estate and Personal Injury.
Phone: (914) 449-6749

Lawrence Krieger, Esq.

The Wilder Building
8 Exchange Blvd.
Suite 400
Rochester, NY 14614
Services Provided: Co-parenting agreements, fertility related family law, second parent adoption, gay friendly general practice of law, domestic partnership planning.
Phone: (585) 325-2640
Fax: (585) 325-1946

Joseph G. Milizio, Esq.

Vishnick McGovern Milizio LLP
3000 Marcus Avenue, Suite 1E9
Lake Success, NY 11042
Phone: 516.437.4385 x108
Services provided: Second and step-parent adoptions; adoptions; cohabitation agreements; pre-nuptial agreements; divorce; custody; child support; estate planning; real estate; business transactions; and employment law.

Suzanne Nichols, Esq.

Rosenstock, Lowe & Nichols
800 Westchester Ave.
Suite 641N
Rye Brook, NY 10573
Services Provided: Law practice limited to adoptions. Works with couples (heterosexual, gay and lesbian) as well as singles.
Phone: (914) 697-4870

Denise E. Seidelman, Esq.

Rumbold & Seidelman, LLP
116 Kraft Avenue
Suite 3
Bronxville, NY 10708
Services Provided: Adoption – for both single parents and same sex couples, second parent adoptions, egg donation agreements, sperm donor agreements, reproductive law
Phone: (914) 779-1050

William S. Singer, Esq.

Singer and Fedun, LLC
2230 Route 206
Belle Mead, New Jersey 08502
Services Provided: LGBT family law, second parent adoptions
Phone: (908) 359-7873
Fax: (908) 359-0128

Lawyers Specializing in Reproductive Law in NYC

Amy Demma, Esq.

Law Offices of Amy Demma, P.C.
81 Newtown Lane, Suite #335
East Hampton, NY 11937
Phone: 516-662-7532
Fax: 339-686-3005

Legal Assistance In Other States:

Amy H. Martell

Whole Family Law and Mediation
1 Snow Road, Suite 1
Marshfield, MA 02050
Services Provided: parenting agreements, donor agreements, second parent adoption, adoption, LGBTQ family law, and creative conflict resolution including collaborative practice and mediation.
Phone: (781) 780-2500


Danielle G. Van Ess (“DGVE”)
Attorney & Counselor at Law
359 East Street, Hingham, MA 02043
Services Provided: Adoption, estate planning, residential real estate
Phone: 781.740.0848
Fax: 781.740.0849

Meyers & O’Hara, LLP

13527 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Phone: 818.783.1111, extension 11
Fax: 818.783.1210

Law Office of Catherine Tucker

34 Staniels Road Suite 2
Loudon NH 03307
Phone: 603.290.5015

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