Rich and Dustin

First Name: Rich Partner's First Name: Dustin Age: 30 & 34 Hometown: Just settling into our new home in Nashua, NH Number of Children: Two active 8 & 9 year

News Roundup: Modern Families, Hung Judges and a French Kiss

Photo Credit: Gérard Julien/ AFP Lots of haps, folks, ranging from the delightful to the utterly baffling. In no particular order: The Netherlands kind of sort of considers extending

Indian Surrogacy for Gay Couples: Q & A with a NY Surrogacy Agency

Indian Surrogacy - where egg donors go through IVF and and Indian surrogates get assistance throughout their pregnancy in India - is becoming an increasingly popular

Whoa. New NBC Sitcom Stars Two Gay Dads and a Surrogate Mom

This fall, NBC will be premiering The New Normal, a show where "two gay dads and a baby mama create a totally new kind of family."

Victoria and Jennifer: Getting To Baby Through Surrogacy

Victoria and Jennifer Collier are the authors of the new book Getting to Baby, which shares their journey to have children through surrogacy. First Name: Victoria

IVF for Gay Couples: Q & A with Fertility Specialist Dr. Samuel Pang

Dr. Samuel Pang is the medical director of the Third Party Reproduction Team at Reproductive Science Center of New England, one of the first clinics in

Pros and Cons of Indian Surrogacy (Our Big Decision)

Well, we are late. And not in that awesome OMGBABYONTHEWAY late. I'm just late in catching you up on our happenings on the baby front.

Questions to Ask a Reproductive Attorney for Gay Dads-To-Be

Whether you are a single man or a gay couple looking to start a family, there is a nest of legal issues to untangle (and be prepared for)

Questions to Ask an Egg Donor or Surrogacy Agency for Gay Couples

Choosing an egg donor or surrogacy agency to assist you in becoming a parent is one of the most important decisions you will make if you are a

Questions to Ask an IVF Clinic as a Gay Couple

Choosing the team that will assist you in becoming a parent is one of the most important decisions you will make if you are a queer parent or

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