Fertility with a Side of Pancakes

“Pa pa pa,” our 15 month old yells from her carseat as we pull up to the diner. This — in case you don’t speak toddlerese — means

Your baby has five arms and three dots. Totally normal.

Early morning, the last day (maybe) that we won’t know whether Cell Ball is a boy or a girl. I try to enjoy this not-knowing time,

Moving on up

I get all proud of Cell Ball (aka Nubbin, aka the future human now gestating inside my wife, Sir Mixalot, who I also get all proud of) at

Insurance for Lesbian Insemination: Ready, Set, – Oh, Wait

By Kaleigh R. Getting married was the most amazing experience of my life. That is, until now. After seven years together, we’re planning to start a family.

A girl’s guide to fatherhood

A few days after we got the 'positive' I went to the library and checked out roughly 58 million books about pregnancy. I couldn't find any targeted toward

The ballad of Katie and Mixalot

There’s a thing that has always been true of me and my wife (Sir Mixalot, totally her real name), which is that where I am slow, thoughtful, and

Family Q Event: Fertility Issues for Lesbians Workshop

When: Wednesday, January 30th at 7pm Where: Institute for Human Identity, 322 Eighth Avenue, Suite 802, New York, NY 10001 What: IHI runs a free workshop series for LGBTQ parents and

Have You Used a Sperm Bank? Receive a Gift Card for Your Thoughts

We were recently approached by GenePeeks – a genetic information company with a mission to help families protect the health of future generations. The company is

The Anxiety of Sperm Shopping

His name is Owen*. Donor Owen. Donor Owen is in law school and his favorite food is meat. The female staff members where Donor Owen’s sperm resides are

Fertility Issues and Lesbian Conception

By Kate When first embarking on our journey to conception, my partner of 10 years and I spent many hours searching the Internet and reading books about the process.

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