The Junior Project: Part One

By Marc Leandro In early 2011, my husband Lin and I decided we wanted to start a family. With precious little knowledge, but a lot of determination, we waded

AFA Event: Evening about Lesbian Pregnancy in Brooklyn

When: Thursday, January 31st 6:00-8:00 p.m. Where: Brooklyn Community Pride Center, 310 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY What: An evening about Lesbian Pregnancy, hosted by the American Fertility Association How: Reservations

Family Q Event: Fertility Issues for Lesbians Workshop

When: Wednesday, January 30th at 7pm Where: Institute for Human Identity, 322 Eighth Avenue, Suite 802, New York, NY 10001 What: IHI runs a free workshop series for LGBTQ parents and

The Anxiety of Sperm Shopping

His name is Owen*. Donor Owen. Donor Owen is in law school and his favorite food is meat. The female staff members where Donor Owen’s sperm resides are

Fertility Issues and Lesbian Conception

By Kate When first embarking on our journey to conception, my partner of 10 years and I spent many hours searching the Internet and reading books about the process.

My Future Family, the Mars Mission

The Curiosity rover is roving Mars, taking pictures! It landed on August 5. Right now, Mars looks like this:
  NASA wants to figure out if and when Mars ever

Amy and Elisabeth

First Name: Amy Partner's First Name: Elisabeth Age: 28 Hometown/City: Glendale, Queens, NY Number of Children: 1 (and 1 on the way) Names of Children: Sofia When did you decide you wanted children? We always

Jen and Barb

First Name: Jen Partner's First Name: Barb Age: 33/37 Hometown/City: Manhattan, NY Number of Children: 1 Names of Children: Ava When did you decide you wanted children? I

Cervical Monitoring: The Good, The Bad, The [Censored]

Dear readers. My last installment ended on a wild promise: that I would next discuss “the cervix.” (There was also something about 6-inch flour tortillas but the pictures

The Transition to Parenthood

By Katie Moore For a couple, becoming parents is an exciting and difficult challenge to undertake. For LGBT couples, the steps to parenthood usually involve more steps and difficulties

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