The Untold Stories of Motherhood

When it comes to defining families, it's a whole new world out there. The LGBTQ community has always known that families form in all kinds of different ways,

Second Parent Adoption Tax Credit 2013

By Melissa Brisman, Esq. Editor's Note: We're well past tax season, but for those with a baby on the way, it can't hurt to brush up on what to

An Inevitable Truth

So our son will soon be two and I was recently asked why I have never written about his birthday. Not the cake filled, balloon type of birthday,

Tax Returns for the Gay and Married

Tax season sucks. For anyone. But when you are a gay couple, married in the eyes of your state but not of your country, it sucks even worse. I

Adoption Complete! The Moment We’ve Been Waiting For

As of this past Thursday, we are officially parents. In a whirlwind of activity, my wife and I brought home our amazing, beautiful, precious daughter after being on

Can We Adopt An Undocumented Child?

Q: My partner and I (both United States citizens) know a child who is in the United States but undocumented. Could we adopt her? A: Immigration issues are

Rich and Dustin

First Name: Rich Partner's First Name: Dustin Age: 30 & 34 Hometown: Just settling into our new home in Nashua, NH Number of Children: Two active 8 & 9 year

Waiting in a Void

We have reached a new phase of our adoption process. We are officially on the waitlist. Officially. We can find our online

Second Parent Adoption: Is It Really All That?

By Charlotte Capogna-Amias Hopes for a Radical Alternative for Queer, Non-Gestational Parents Earlier this year I was asked to speak on a panel on supporting marginalized families at

Can a Living Will Give Me Parental Rights as an LGBT Partner?

Q: My boyfriend is the biological father of a newborn baby girl (via a surrogate who has surrendered her rights). We have not yet started the second-parent adoption

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