Questions and Answers

How many of you have started this process hoping to have a friend or a couple to turn to and just ask questions?  Maybe you hit a road

Chaz Bono Dancing His Way Into History Books

Chaz Bono is confirmed on this season's Dancing with the Stars along with a full line up of interesting celebrities including: Carson Kressley, Nancy Grace, Ron Artest, Rob

Kentucky Lesbian Couple and Children Attacked: Attack was a Hate Crime

As parents we hate to think about anything happening to our kids.  As an LGBT parent, your worst fear is that your family will be the target of

City Select Double Stroller with a Side of Options

I love the City Select Double Stroller.   OK, love might be too strong a word.  It is however a very versatile, light-weight (for it’s class) and durable stroller

Notes From a Gay Mom: We All Have Fears

Two of my biggest fears leading up to us deciding to have kids were: 1)   Will my family truly understand and see Andrea as my wife / mother of

Notes from a Gay Mom: It’s Worth It

Our fertility doctor calls me at work two weeks after our seventh cycle, and maybe a day or so after a pregnancy test.  I knew I was pregnant.

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