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Despite the snail-like pace of decent laws and protections, the reality is gays and lesbians are having babies and starting families. It costs a lot of money. It takes time and planning (as much as we wish hopping into bed and f&%#ing like rabbits for a couple months worked – it doesn’t). And it means making some difficult decisions (Is this stranger’s profile right for supplying one half of our child’s genome sequence?).

We started It’s Conceivable to centralize the information we wanted from a parenting website. We’re here to provide clear, no frills, pregnancy and parenting information to the GLBTQ community. Our motto: Less rainbows, more advice.

What ELSE:

We have straight friends – and gay friends.

We’re just trying to get through the commute.

We do get upset over anti-gay politicians, proposals, and political maneuvers in general.

We don’t get upset if we see a phallic sculpture in our straight friends’ homes.

We want gays to be able to start a family without winning the state lotto, hijacking the sperm of male friends, or potentially attempting insurance fraud.

Our Team

Kendra lives in Brooklyn. She likes writing, weird ads, astrology, and exercise apps. She hopes to have kids someday. She grew up around some farmland in Illinois, and, as a consequence, loves and cannot leave New York City.
Kelli loves neon, patterns, technology, cats, art, punk rock, DIY anything and Really. Good. Design. She grew up in Detroit and has the tattoo to prove it.

You can see more of her art and design here: www.kelmil.com.
Deb is a honey badger. She's bad-ass. She can do anything. Literally, anything. She's considering harvesting and freezing her eggs - you can read all about it. Deb's a native New Yorker and a not-so-secret nerd. That's it in a nutshell.

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Diana is performing the amazing feat of raising twins and working full-time. She loves triathalons, telling dirty jokes, and keeping it real. She was born and raised in Queens, but still likes living in Brooklyn.
Hannah doesn't mess around. She has an answer for you - and a damn good one. She's noticed you, but she won't tell you yet. She and her wife are expecting a girl in August.
Jen is currently a full-time "slava:" a slave to Ava her new baby. She is also the spouse of a diplomat, which means packing up the cats and moving to a new faraway land every few years. They’ve lived in Cyprus and Greece and head to Finland next year. In the meantime, Jen and her partner Barb are the only lesbians that live in the gayborhood of Chelsea and they love it.
Katie suspects that she is a musical trapped in a human's body, but don't tell anyone. She grew up in Alabama and has made her home in some far-flung places, most recently flinging herself and her wife from Texas to Brooklyn. She likes words, dance parties and pogo sticks. Visit her at katiefperry.tumblr.com.  
Josh is so nice and smart, he'll spoil other men for you. When he's not building websites, he's riding his bike all over New York City. He lives in Brooklyn with his equally nice and smart wife and not-so-smart cats.

Series Contributors

gay parenting contributor

Insert Baby Here

Jess and her partner, Carla have baby fever, but first they have to navigate the ins and outs of lesbian adoption.
gay parenting contributor

Both Sides Now

Alison is a stay-at-home-mom getting used to life outside of academia and raising a boy with her wife Parker. She’s navigating gender norms in the south, and she’s not afraid to talk about it.
gay parenting contributor

Yes, We Have No Bananas

Join Katie as she and her wife, Sir Mixalot, charge into the great unknown of fertility, sperm banks, at-home insemination and (hopefully) pregnancy and parenthood, all on a shoestring budget and without a freaking clue what they're doing.
gay parenting contributor

Becoming a Second Time Father

Ryan chronicles his journey to becoming a father the second time around. Follow him as he and his partner begin the process of planning for another child, considering Indian Surrogacy, Adoption, and more along the way.
Lesbian Parents TTC

From TTC to Family

Emily and her partner, Linda, are trying to get pregnant for the first time. Follow their journey through the ups, the downs, and everything in between.
Surviving My Wife's Pregnancy

Surviving My Wife's Pregnancy

Shannan is a non-bio mom taking care of her wife, who's pregnant with twins. Follow along as she learns what to expect when her wife's expecting.
The World According to Gwendolyn

The World According to Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn Alden Dean is a bisexual advocate/advisor/activist/educator/scholar for and of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer communities and people. Each month, she answers your LGBTQ parenting questions, and dispenses a little worldly wisdom from a wise queer mom.
Phoenix and Dashel

Notes from a Gay Mom

Diana and her partner have their hands full with twins. Expecting or don't know what to expect? She doesn't either. It's going to be one helluva ride.

Me, My Eggs, and Dating

Deb is 30-something, single, and ready to parent. So what's a big-city girl with a ticking biological clock to do?

The material on this web site is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment or legal opinions. It's Conceivable provides stories and articles for informational purposes only—please do not consider it as legally-binding advice of any kind and consult your own medical professional or attorney.