The Untold Stories of Motherhood

untold stories of Motherhood

When it comes to defining families, it’s a whole new world out there. The LGBTQ community has always known that families form in all kinds of different ways, but now, the media is catching on. That means more people knowing about our families, which means more people having Oprah-esque moments of empathy and understanding, which means more acceptance everywhere. The bottom line is: Whether you’re a single mom, adoptive parents, gay parents, foster care parents, or co-parents, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the only ingredient you really need to form a family is love. We’ve shared our own batch of same sex parenting stories that get into the difficult choices and feelings that arise when forming non-traditional families. Now The Oxygen Network has put together a short documentary, “The Untold Stories of Motherhood,” which delves into the lives of various people and their individual stories of parenting to showcase the many faces of motherhood and adoption.

In the network’s new poll study conducted by uSamp, 87 percent of Americans believe the definition of a traditional family has evolved and 55 percent say there is no such thing as a traditional family anymore. This docu-short, directed by award-winning director Marilyn Agrelo (Mad Hot Ballroom), highlights the unique stories of today’s new modern family and their remarkable bonds of love, from open adoption to same-sex parenting. Check it out below or on

“The Untold Stories of Motherhood” coincides with the new season of Oxygen’s series “I’m Having Their Baby,” which explores the untold stories of adoption. It premieres Wednesday, June 12 at 10 PM ET/PT.

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