Google’s “Legalize Love” Campaign Targets Homophobic Countries

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Well I never thought I’d say this, but I might have to trade in my iPhone for an Android.

Search (and everything else) behemoth Google announced at a Global LGBT Workplace Summit in London on Saturday that they are launching a campaign to advocate for same sex workplace rights in every country that they have an office.

Google’s Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe said, “We want our employees who are gay or lesbian or transgender to have the same experience outside the office as they do in the office.” He went on to say that they want to let other countries know that “being a global center and a world leader means you have to treat all people the same, irrespective of their sexual orientation.”

The project will initially focus on Poland and Singapore before expanding to other countries. Most importantly, the initiative will focus on places with homophobic cultures, where anti-gay laws exist. Just as notably, Citigroup and Ernst & Young have already signed on as partners.

It’s nice to see a huge company going beyond lip service to actively change laws and minds by leveraging their global clout. And it’s nice to know that even my searches for things like “Shia Lebouf teen show” count a little bit toward something more important. (The show was “Even Stevens” in case you’re wondering).

Via ThinkProgress

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