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Do you like cats?

Do you have spare time and want to be part of a fun venture?

Do you want to learn the ropes of "new media" and ride the world wide web with us?



Welcome to our impromptu job board! Just so I don’t disappoint anyone, by “job” I mean, “unpaid opportunity to become part of the It’s Conceivable team OR just chat with us over coffee about your knowledge.”

We launched IC last August, in response to what we saw as a lack of online information in one of the most LGBT-friendly cities in America. We thought, “If it’s this difficult to find information in NYC, imagine what it must be like in the rest of the country.” And then we got to work doing this site.

BUT, there is so much more we want to do.

For example, we’d like to create resource centers for prospective parents in every state. We’d like to do video tutorials and more interviews with experts in surrogacy, fertility, and parenting. We’d like to throw local get-togethers so we can all meet in person and shoot the shit about being gay and having kids (As we know, there’s a lot to talk about).

BUT to get to all of our goals, we need your help.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Have experience in editing/writing/blogging and want to join our editorial team? Let’s talk.

Know anything about online marketing or ad sales? Let us buy you a cup of coffee.

Can you help advise on starting a business or nonprofit-related matters? We’d love to pick your brain.

Want to be our intern? We want to get in touch.

And that’s it! So hit us up! In truth, we love hearing from any of our readers. So if you have ideas, feedback, or want to meet up in NYC and help us make this site better, our door is always open.

Your friends,

The It’s Conceivable Team

Here’s an awkward partial team photo. From left: Deb, Kelli, Kendra, and Josh. Not pictured: Diana, Hannah, or the wine we are drinking.

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