Gay Parenting E-Cards

gay parenting e cards

Did you guys know that some e-Cards now allows you to make your own? It’s pretty fun. - Thanks for allowing me to adopt my own child. - Thanks for your generous offer, but we're not that hard up for sperm. - No, I'm not the Dad. I'm the other Mom. - Our daughter is developing just fine, thank you. - Would you like a $20,000 egg? - You're ovulating? It's go time. - In answer to your question, we're both

Got a good idea for a gay parenting e-card? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll try to add to this list.

One Cool Thing is a series on IC where we post art, projects, music, or really anything that we think you should check out. It may be related to parenting, it may be related to the LGBT community, or it may just be something that’s really awesome.

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