Keep Calm and Carry On: Unexpected Challenges WILL Occur

Baby at 24 weeksIt’s been one of those weeks where the Universe wants to remind me that I can’t control every aspect of my life. With an emergency hospital visit, multiple doctor appointments, a parking ticket, jury duty service, late to work, missing work, car issues and preparing for the holidays on top of it all… by Thursday, I was not only in a sour mood but ready to wave the white flag.

The most startling thing that happened this week was when I got a text message on Tuesday morning from my wife that said, “Don’t panic…in the hospital. Babies are ok.” The reason why I got this message (instead of a phone call) was because I was serving jury duty and my phone had been in the “off position” from 8-10am. So when we were all released for a break at 10am, I turned on my phone to check my messages and learned that my poor wife had taken a nasty spill in the street and landed right on her belly while trying to get her pregnant self to work. I explained to the folks in charge at jury duty selection that I had a family emergency and I understood they probably hear every excuse in the book but that I’d be happy to come back and finish my civic duty another day.

Luckily, the woman I spoke to was extremely compassionate while I explained my situation (disclosing family dynamics sometimes makes me feel vulnerable), but this woman’s kindness showed no prejudice. She instead congratulated me on our “delightfully” growing family; assured me everything would be fine and even released me from serving jury duty for the next year.

I quickly headed over to the hospital. They had admitted my wife right away and got her hooked up to monitors to check the babies’ heart rates and started an IV because she was dehydrated by the time she got to the hospital. So by the time I showed up, the doctor was satisfied that the babies were fine and my wife, although physically and emotionally bruised, would be ok.

The next few days provided us with a few annoyances to make our holidays merry. We found out we need some expensive repairs to our car and we ended up with a parking violation when our “quick” ultrasound appointment turned into a 90-minute wait just to be seen (which also caused us both to miss half a day of work). Each situation isn’t terrible (except for my wife’s hospital visit), it’s just when its all served up in one week, it’s extremely challenging to endure!

By the end of the week, I was not a happy camper. But then I reached in my coat pocket and pulled out a little ultrasound pic (from the marathon appointment that morning) and saw Baby A’s little hand with her palm spread out, waving (to me) in the womb and I thought, “this is so worth it.”

So I woke up Friday morning and realized that this is only the beginning. We are bound to have challenges ahead and the stakes will only get higher. I can’t control everything around me but I CAN control the way I choose to handle difficulties.

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