Feel Good Tuesday: The Lighter, Sweeter Side of Gay News

nice gay news Typically, when I post gay news items they are politicized, or often a little depressing, like when congressmen make up ridiculous arguments against gay marriage or couples have to sue to be listed on their child’s birth certificate. Each week, it’s becoming clear that gay marriage is a filter from which a lot of crazy things are said from people both do and do not know any better.

That’s why this week I was pleased to run across some news items that made me smile and put a spring in the step of my fall military boot. At least one of the following links are guaranteed to make you feel good.

1. Super Awesome Marriage Equality Video
Remember the We Do Campaign video that I said would make you cry? Well now someone’s gone and produced a slicker, ad-y-er version that takes advantage of our tear ducts again. It stars an extremely cute man and also your emotions.

If you haven’t seen it already, take a look:

The ad was produced by GetUp! for Action, an organization that raises awareness for marriage equality in Australia.

Via The Advocate

2: Chelsea Handler lives with two mysterious lesbians
While perusing TIME this weekend, I came across the following excerpt in a profile of Chelsea Handler (who somehow keeps all women liking her by saying anything she wants and insulting every group in the world) written by Karl Taro Greenfield:

Handler recently bought a house in Bel Air, Calif., paying $5 million in cash for a gated estate where she lives with her brother Roy and two lesbians who divide their time between Dallas and Los Angeles. (Handler likes a big, noisy household.)

I love how casually Greenfield mentions her state-hopping roommates, without any further explanation. So mysterious, yet also appealing. Who are these lesbians? Is this a houseguest trend amongst celebrities? Maybe when stars purchase a house now they are offered two complimentary lesbians.


3. Gail and Audrey: Most Adorable NY Times Wedding Announcement Ever

Ms. Smaltz was looking for a tall black man who liked to dance and travel, but instead fell in love with Ms. Marquis, a former athlete who Ms. Smaltz calls “My Sweetheart Gentle Giant.”

Not only did these classy ladies meet later in life, spreading hope for romance for anyone out there who feels like age is NOT ain’t nothing but a number, they are just So. Damn. Cute.

Via NYTimes

4. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Lesbian Families
This is essentially a detailed account of why lesbian parents are amazing. Sounds like the next bestseller to me.

A series of studies in Canada and elsewhere over the past decade has found that the children of lesbians aren’t just well-adjusted – they excel. On average, kids with two moms seem to be more confident and less aggressive than those raised by a mom and a dad. They are open-minded, affectionate and less susceptible to anxiety and depression.

Among the “habits” the article from Canada’s Globe and Mail details:

  • Low risk of child abuse
  • Equality among partners
  • Being open about their kids’ conception
  • Teaching kids to stand up for themselves
  • Alternative parenting environments (more supportive parents hanging around)
  • Provide supportive groups
  • Build love and trust

If you get a chance to read the whole article, it goes into much more detail about these bullets and makes some interesting points about family structures. Definitely worth a read.

Via Globe and Mail

Anyway, happy Tuesday!


  1. Josh says:

    Kendra – I hope you’re able to do more of these “lighter side” news roundups. Definitely a swell antidote to the crap out there.

    • Kendra says:

      Thanks Josh! Yes, I think I will. They are definitely fun to do (and will balance out my indignant speeches at home about some of those other news items).


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