Rich White Guys Saying Ridiculous Things

Republicans Argue for DOMAThe Respect for Marriage Act – Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) bill to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act – passed through the Senate Judiciary committee yesterday, and now it’s heading to the Senate floor to debate.

Lest we get our hopes up about the snowball’s chance the bill has in the Senate, here’s a taste of the arguments to come, from Senators Chuck Grassley, Jeff Sessions, and John Cornyn respectively:

Grassley: “This debate is about stable families and good environments for raising children.” Oh…and religion, too. There are so many arguments against this I can’t even respond. Okay, yes, I can. Check the divorce rate, or all of the studies that say you’re wrong.

Sessions: “Is it a violation of civil rights to say that two partners who live together can’t get benefits, but those who have sexual relations do?” Eh? No, that’s the whole point of getting married. He also says something about “two sisters” living together. Because this is 1905.

Cornyn: “This would result in an expansion of federal benefits and spending, at a time when spending is way out of control.” I have a handful of straws that are just…out…of…his reach.

Via The New Civil Rights Movement

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